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A Million Dollar by Simply Posting on Instagram? Here’s How Kim Kardashian Does It and The Rest Can’t

It’s not a surprise that Kim Kardashian makes a lot of income for promoting a brand but the recent legal documents from Kim’s lawsuit against Missguided revealing her earnings per Instagram post, blow everyone’s mind! The American media personality, entrepreneur, socialite, and model Kim Kardashian West allegedly makes nearly $1 million for one Instagram post alone.

Kim Kardashian West, 38 makes nearly $1 million for a single Instagram post.

Back Story

In February 2019, Kim Kardashian sues the fast-fashion company Missguided for consistently using the names and snapshots of Kim Kardashian and other celebrity icons into luring people in its website and apparel. Kim said she was devastated by the company’s illegitimate misuse of her name to make the society believe that there is some kind of affiliation between her and the fashion site.

Missguided allegedly threw up Kim’s photograph wearing a vintage Mugler dress on a site to get people to sign up for a waitlist. Aside from that incident, Kim claims that the company illegally used her persona and stamp to sell imitations of her style. There is even a rumored webpage solely dedicated to Kim Kardashian with photos of her get-ups, redirecting them to another page that sells the identical look.

Kim Kardashian West’s Vogue photoshoot in April 2019

$5 Million Lawsuit

Because of that, Kim Kardashian filed a lawsuit against Missguided in the US District Court for the Central District of California. As the company missed to respond to her allegations, the fashion mogul and her team are now going in for a delinquent judgment for $5 million. Kim condones the amount by revealing her capability to make a huge amount of money. She declares that she earns $300,000 to $500,000 per sole Instagram post.

As if that isn’t outrageous yet, reports said, that quotation is actually low from the actual. A source close to the star told TMZ that the real number Kim Kardashian is making is closer to $1 million per Instagram post. Kim Kardashian’s legal team is expected to update the filling reflecting that amount.

And that’s not all! In the documents, she says she even turns down proposals for that amount to build up a brand using her social media platforms because she doesn’t want to be correlated with the companies. She also revealed that her husband Kanye West signed her a check for $1 million for simply supporting him by not advertising a competing brand. That’s how powerful and influential Kim Kardashian is.

What is it like to be a Kardashian?

Her mother and manager Kris Jenner recently spoke about how much money her famed daughters bring in for each social media post. In an interview with CBS Sunday Morning in April 2019, she said they regularly get offers to post something for a company or a brand. She revealed that each social media promotion is equivalent to not less than six figures. Now, who wants to be a Kardashian in their next life?

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