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Julia Roberts Spends $8.3 Million on a Victorian-Styled Home in San Fransisco

Julia Roberts just processed a transaction worth $8.3 million and purchased a revival-styled home in San Fransisco. The Oscar-winning star bought the Presidio Heights property, designed initially be Sylvain Schnaittacher, and the final modifications were made by Jon Wheatman.

The front, the base, and the detail!

The whole area that the house covers is 6200 square feet. The entire house includes five floors with five bedrooms. The bathrooms are four and a half. While looking from the inside, the hallway is clean-lined, with the floors made of hardwood and nicely polished.

The elegant bright stark white walls give the person a feeling of serene calmness. Going into detail, the moldings of the house are the custom theme, and the ceilings of the whole house are coffered. One can really feel the historic charm attached to the house just by looking at the paneled walls and old-styled bay windows.

The brick fireplace adds more flavor to the home with its built-in shelves. There is another fireplace present in the house, which is just near the dining area.

People are drooling over the house’s interior!

While talking about a celeb house, how can the article stay incomplete without discussing the eatery department? Keeping things to the point, the kitchen with all its charm has an olive green color all the credit to custom cabinets and a lengthy banquette-styled breakfast area.

For the fun and entertaining features, the residence contains two distinct comfy lounge areas and a lit marbled fireplace. The house also provides a hilly view of the neighborhood that a person can enjoy while staying at home. Another great thing about the house is that there is a built-in white home office with beautiful cabinetry and built-in shelves.

The master suite built on the top and the lowest floor of the house has a skylight and includes a bay window, which is the perfect place to watch the sunset. The presence of several balconies makes the home and its outdoor space quite roomy.

A paved outside area, adjoining a house, used for dining or recreation is also present.  Julia Roberts also has the ownership of a beautiful Malibu home, which was recently rented out by her for $10,000 a month in 2018. She also has ownership of two other properties in Point Dume.

The 52-year-old actress is better known for her work in films like “Pretty woman” and “Wonder.” She currently has an ongoing project called ”Homecoming” with Amazon Prime Tv.

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