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If you want a, peek inside Drake’s house here are all the details that can tell you a whole lot about his taste

Do you want to have a look inside Drake’s house? Well, to be honest, everyone does. Drake’s house consists of 50,000 square feet with many luxuries such as NBA regulation-size basketball court with a 21 sq feet pyramidal skylight.

By the amenities attached to the home, the manor house can be called quite extravagant. His house is a marvelous work of craftsmanship as it is built with bronze, limestone, the most exotic wood, and other precious materials. Everything that this household is meticulously conceived and beautifully crafted to make it a luxurious place.

The passion project of Drake

Drake spoke about his passion project and said that he was building the house in his hometown that is why he wanted it to have such refined work so that it could stand firm for more than a hundred years.

He wanted himself to be remembered by his name as he would leave it behind. Although the house is a marvelous piece of limestone and other materials, the exterior of the home is quite minimalistic.

There is nothing fake attached to his house because Drake wanted everything to be real. The house is decorated with sculptures made by American artist KAWS and well as highlights include a series of Grammy’s and an entire hallway decorated and dedicated to sports stars’ jerseys.

From the ground till up

The master bedroom of the house is 3200 square feet of luxury. Modern art decorations include the basketball court and a yellow lounge. By the pictures, there is someplace inside the house where a concert grand piano is placed which was made by a Japanese artist Takashi Murakami along with Rafauli.

There is a 44 feet high living space called the Great Room. Drake’s life is incomplete without a piano; that is why he didn’t want to buy any other piano as this piano gives the vibe of artistry, craft, and quality. Rafauli not only designed the keyboard himself but also provided creative direction assistance to Drake.

Rafauli personally designed some of the items of the house himself which includes a shearling banquette and an eye-catching chandelier. He, along with his celeb client, acquired some of the great things through an Italian firm named Venicem and a New York’s Lumifer. The entire textile used in the house was purchased by Alexander McQueen and Jean-Paul Gaultier.

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