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How to Maintain a Sustainable Lifestyle- Change Starts With YOU!

Starting on the path to a sustainable lifestyle is nothing less than a challenge. Many people often hesitate because they have no idea where to begin. We promise you that it’s not that hard. You’ll just need a little getting used to- that’s all.

The current situation has left us confined to the solitude of our homes. Above that, we can’t even travel beyond our neighborhoods. As such, life has given us the unique opportunity of starting our sustainable living journey right from our homes.

Here are a few tips on how you can start your journey of sustainable living today!

1. Cut Down On The Meat

Beef farming has increased substantially around the world. In fact, Ecosystems published a study in which beef farming was listed as higher than pig, dairy, and poultry farming. You don’t have to switch to a completely plant-based diet. But, even cutting down on your meat intake can make a considerable difference.


Unsplash | Cutting down on your meat consumption can make a huge difference

2. Donate Your Old Belongings

This includes your clothes, shoes, accessories, and all other items that are no longer of use to you. According to Arcadia Earth, 24.5 billion pounds of clothing ends up in the garbage every year in the United States. While you are spring cleaning next time, make sure to donate as much as you can to your local thrift store. Plus, you can re-use your old clothes as cleaning towels if they are too worn out to donate.

3. Go For The Sustainable Options

A significant amount of shopping waste will be reduced if you shop less. But, unfortunately, you can’t quit shopping altogether. Hence, you should always try to go for items that are made in sustainable ways. Many plugins are available online, like the DoneGood plugin, which shows you sustainable alternatives while you are shopping online.


Unsplash | Shopping smartly and donating old belongings will put an end to unsustainable fashion trends

4. Unplug The Electronics That Are Not In Use

Energy waste is one of the biggest issues that our world is facing now. It is perhaps the biggest contributor to pollution. Many different studies have suggested that our electronics stay plugged in even when they are not being used. You can start by being more conscious and plugging out items that you aren’t using. The next step is to figure out which appliances consume the most energy and try to use them as less as possible.


Unsplash | Remember to plug out all your electronics that are not in use

5. Ditch All The Single-Use Items

This includes plastic bags, plastic bottles, straws, utensils, and every other thing that you’d have to throw away after using it just once. Single-use items have become such a big part of our daily routine than we hardly recognize their drawbacks. A simple no to at restaurants and cafes will make all the difference in the world.

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