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3 Tips To Recruit The Most Suitable People

If you’re an employer, hiring talent is probably one of those challenging tasks you have to deal with every now and then. But despite the hurdles, it’s critical to a business’ growth.  

Talking about the recruiting process can either be fascinating because of great interview responses or extremely dull due to the monotonous sifting through resumes. Moreover, sometimes deciding on the right candidate becomes a bit of a pickle because if someone is overqualified or underqualified, the business can face a lot of troubles. 


Unsplash | Hiring the right candidate can often get very challenging

Either way, the loss is for the recruiter and the company. And the only way to evade such losses is to follow proven tricks and tips for hiring, shared by industry experts themselves. Join us as we share some here.

Have a face-to-face video call

Ever since most working environments went remote, recruiting the right people has become much tougher. A lot of things that could be overlooked earlier need to be carefully examined now. For instance, a person’s co-operation and cohesiveness.

Many candidates claim to be adaptable, but in reality, they’re not that flexible. To find out, a video call with the candidate can come in handy. But before the call, you must prepare certain questions that can help conclude the behavior of the candidate. When these questions are posed one by one to the candidate, it’ll be easy to witness how well they “adapt” to them. If you find anything untoward in the person’s personality, you can accordingly decide not to proceed further.  


Unsplash | To judge them better, you could get on a video call with them and notice their demeanor

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Find their understanding of the company’s needs

More often than not, people apply for jobs either for the money or for the brand name. While most candidates that apply to your company’s positions may belong to one of those categories, your focus should be to find out someone who identifies with the company’s exact needs.

Try to find the candidate’s knowledge of the company. Interviewing them regarding their motive to join the company and questioning beyond niche-based topics will allow you to explore their thoughts. Try posing diverse questions since that might allow you to figure out their traits. After all, a company that requires a spokesperson won’t wish to settle with an introvert, would it?

Test through a task

Hiring an employee based on their educational qualification and experience might not reveal their productivity and quality. For instance, if you require a content writer with a specific style of writing, you shouldn’t just hire someone with a professional resume. Assigning that candidate with a specific task that reflects your company’s fit will aid to find the right one who can ace your topics. Needless to say, this exercise can apply to any niche and any field.


Unsplash | Giving them a sample or test tasks can also give you insights into their personality and talent

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Final Thoughts

Every employee has a unique talent that requires recognition at the right company.  Recruiting the right person will fulfill the company’s motive and make long time goals achievable sooner. As an employer, hiring must be done wisely to avoid the company’s bad reputation, waste of resources, loss of revenue, and immoral workplace.

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