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4 Real Estate Investing Techniques to Put Your Money to Good Use

Ten years ago, if you asked someone, “what are the best investment options available in the market,” most people would have recommended you to go after stocks, bonds, or securities. Today if you ask the same question, you’ll get tons of options starting from stocks to crypto to real estate and more. 

Yep, you read it right! Nowadays, real estate also features in the best investment options’ list. Not only this, it’s one of the most fast-moving sectors that offers a plethora of growth opportunities to investors. 


Francesca Tosolini/Unsplash | Nowadays, real estate also features in the fastest moving and profitable investment options’ list

Wondering how you can make money in this sector? It’s simple; all you have to do is follow the points given below!


As the name suggests, the fix-and-flip strategy is the art of finding a property and turning it into a ravishing one. For this, you need to have a vision and an eye for a good deal. You can buy any kind of property – from old to new, located in suburbs or cities – but you have to try and style it according to popular preferences. Though this strategy requires a sizable amount of money, you earn back every penny of your hard work once it’s executed properly.  


Way different from the above strategy, wholesaling requires a person to buy properties at their lowest and sell them for a small markup as soon as possible. This strategy is especially for those people who are good at negotiating and have an inclination towards sales. But if you find bargaining and convincing people difficult, you should look for some other options.


Maria Ziegler/Unsplash | Wholesaling requires a person to buy properties at their lowest and sell them for a small markup as soon as possible

House Hacking

We know that name might give off negative vibes, but believe us, house hacking is nothing negative. It’s like renting your property to balance your finances. For instance, if you’ve bought a duplex or a triplex, you can rent a portion of it and make up for the extra expenses you need to maintain that property. That way, you’ll gain some experience as a landlord and can later convert the property into a complete rental as well.

Live-In-Then-Rent & Live-In-Flip

In both strategies, the owner buys the house, lives in it for a couple of years, and then rents or sells it. In Live-In-Then-Rent the owner doesn’t rent the house during his stay. Once he moves out, he hands it over to a suitable renter. The same goes for Live-In-Flip; the owner renovates the house while staying in it, and once it’s done, they sell it after a gap of two or three years.


Chris Robert/Unsplash | You might also try buying a house, living in it for a couple of years, and then renting or selling it

Summing it up!

Investing in the stock market can be pretty risky. If you’re someone looking for something stable and return-worthy, your best bet would be to invest in the real estate sector. Though this sector requires a lot of time, patience, and money, it also gives you safety and assurance. So are you ready to make some money?   

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