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Big Budged: First Lady Melania Trump Has Some Reconstruction Plans Up Her Sleeves For Rose Garden

Melania Trump is ready to step into the limelight as a “traditional First Lady” with her recently disclosed plans of revamping the White House Rose Garden.

Getty Images | The Rose Garden in full bloom

The Rose Garden, originally known as the “West Garden”, was brought to life by Ellen Wilson, wife of the 28th President of the United States, Woodrow Wilson. Before she could complete her design, however, she fell prey to a kidney disease that took her life.

Almost five decades later, during the Kennedy Administration in 1962, the garden was redesigned to what we see it as today- the Rose Garden. For this purpose, President JFK commissioned his good friend Rachel ‘Bunny’ Mellon, who was an amateur horticulturist at the time, with the task of implementing his conceived ideas for the garden.

There is a popular policy coined by political strategists known as the Rose Garden strategy, used to refer to the tactics that in-office presidents undertake to reinforce their campaign efforts in the form of executive announcements, press availabilities, ceremonial signings, and dedications. The Rose Garden is a lusciously traditional venue for presidents who wish to gain national attention for something they’re doing or saying.

CNN | The area has been used by US Presidents for decades

What changes are going to be made?

Mrs. Trump plans on upgrading the electrical infrastructure of the garden, which will ultimately help televise her husband, the President better. Additionally, two limestone walkways will also be incorporated into the design- the first in the inner perimeter of the garden, while the second, 85-foot-long diamond-patterned pathway, will stretch from the Palm Room to the south grounds.

These walkways have been specially made part of the design so that cords, wires, and plugs can be kept hidden away from sight during events while keeping the area technologically modernized and updated.

In terms of plants and flowers, the crab apple trees that adorn the Rose Garden currently will be replaced with the ‘White House Rose‘, white roses with tall shrubs, the ‘JFK Rose‘, standard cream-colored hybrid tea roses, and the ‘Peace Rose‘, a smaller variety of tea roses, with a pastel yellow center and pastel pink edges.

Why now?

According to the statement issued by the White House, the intention behind remodeling the garden at this time is to return the space to the way it was built originally during the Kennedy Administration.

For this purpose, Melania Trump has charged two nonpareil landscape firms to get the job done- the first being the New-York based firm of Perry Guillot, which was awarded a spot on the AD100 in 2018, and the second being Washington based Oehme, van Sweden & Associates.

Deposit Photos | The Presidential couple has stepped up their game for the upcoming elections

The changes being made to the Rose Garden were unforeseen, to the say the least, especially since the 2020 US Presidential Elections are less than four months away, and as President Trump has been largely occupying the space for his speeches, press availabilities, and likewise events. Campaign rallies have become a strict no-no due to the ongoing pandemic situation and Presidential candidates have no other choice but to come up with innovative ways to run their campaigns.

As for the funding of the revamping project, a source close to the renovation has disclosed that private donors have funded the reconstruction of the Rose Garden, solicited by a nonprofit entity that works to restore Washington’s most important landmarks, the Trust for the National Mall.

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