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Here’s How Women Empowerment Contributes Immensely to the Development of All Social Areas

Several types of research have shown that providing the requisite support for women to embark on advanced studies and get meaningful jobs positively affects their families, their respective communities, and the global economy at large.

One of the studies conducted by UNESCO revealed that for each year that a country records an increase in its average schooling year, that country can reasonably expect a long-term economic growth of as high as 3.7%.

More celebrities, philanthropists, and social enterprises now understand the role of women in every community, and that explains why their dedication to women empowerment is on the rise. Further, influential leaders like Richard Branson, Kevin O’Leary, and Jack Ma have continued to provide momentum to the course of women empowerment by encouraging them to take up more management and leadership positions.

Women play a lot of roles in our societies, directly and indirectly. Some of their most notable roles include:

  1. Creation of Healthier Work Environments

Studies have shown that when organizations have more females in their workforce, they tend to have increased productivity as well as improved organizational skills. That is because a gender diverse workforce comes with lead aggression and more collaborative work.

As a matter of fact, another study has shown that there is an increase in dedication and job satisfaction when women are involved in an organization. In addition, it fosters an environment that’s more human-centric and supportive, encouraging the employees to watch out for each other’s interests.

Having women work alongside men can lead to increased productivity

  1. Women Give Back to Their Communities

There are higher chances that women would invest their resources, including money and time, into community projects such as cleanup projects so their own families could benefit from such actions.  Research has shown that women who are in the workforce would likely invest in their families and communities as much as 90 per cent as against men who have just 35 per cent likelihood of making that move.

That isn’t suggesting that men do not put their money into productive uses, it is only an indication that women tend to spend on things that have more direct effects on their families and communities.

Women have a higher tendency of reinvesting back in their communities than the male counterparts

3. Women Help The Growth of Business

A recently-released study showed that companies that have 30 per cent or more women holding leadership positions tend to yield higher profits which could go as high as six per cent. This points to the fact that not only does a gender diverse work environment impacts the community, it also has positive effects on business.

Alibaba is reportedly worth over $84 billion, and the women part of it have contributed in one way or the other to its success story. The company has more than 34 per cent of senior management employees who are females. According to the former CEO of the company, Jack Ma, anyone who wants to have a successful company should employ more females.

Jack Ma said any person interested in having a successful company should get more females on board

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