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Jennifer Lopez and Fiancé Make Huge Investments In This Indian Company and the Reason Behind It is Adorable

Jennifer Lopez is a worldwide superstar, and whatever she endorses must definitely be a big deal, talk less of a joint investment with her baseball legend fiancé, Alex Rodriguez. It has been reported that the couple has invested in Sarva, an Indian franchise.

It is safe to say that Sarva must be doing something right to have been able to gain the attention of one of the most powerful celebrities in the States. The yoga startup company have been around for 3 years now, and this new endorsement is going to be a remarkable milestone for them.

Jennifer Lopez is quite popular for her exploits in both the music industry and Hollywood. Her fiancé, Rodriguez, is also one of the greatest baseball players ever and he’s fondly remembered for his shot-stopping skills.

Jennifer Lopez, 49

Sarva is founded by 27-year-old cricket player Sarvesh Shashi. Asides the investment from Jennifer Lopez and her fiancé, the company has been able to raise funds from other sources like Bill Roedy, the chairman of MTV networks, Mark Mastov, the CEO of another fitness company known as 24 Hours fitness, and David Giampaolo who is the CEO of the biggest fitness brand the world, the Zumba Fitness.

Why Invest in Sarva

Speaking of the new investment deal, Jennifer Lopez explained that she had been a beneficiary of yoga over the past few years, and its impact on both her physical and mental life has been outstanding. With this, she believes in the vision that the company has, and sees this not only as an investment opportunity but as a way of serving the global community as a whole.

Deciding to become part of it

Sarvesh Shashi also spoke on how the deal was discussed over a period of two months and revealed how he had to make a series of trips to bring the couple on board. Shashi also explained that the meeting with Jennifer and Alex was moderated by Mark Mastrov who is involved in other business ventures with Alex. They met the couple in LA, and both of them loved the work and decided to be a part of it.

Sarvesh met Jennifer and Alex in Los Angeles

Alex’s Reason for Investing In Sarva

Alex Rodriguez, who is a seasoned investor, invested his quota through his firm known as A-Rod corporation. Alex’s investment firm covers assets like real estate, entertainment, and media. Now he has added fitness to that list.

Sarva yoga company also has other investors like Malaika Arora, a popular figure in the Bollywood industry.  The company has plans to raise about $15 million and are still in search of other investors.

Alex Rodriguez also spoke on why he chose to invest in Sarva. He gave three main reasons for his investment, one is yoga being of great demand, another is the need for people to battle anxiety and depression with yoga, and finally, his trust in Sarvesh.

Sarva has been able to generate $8 million from various investors including Alex Rodriguez

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