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Rats Seen in Bags of Buns in Burger King; Branch Shut Down

When eating fast food, one of the primary concerns that we all have is whether the food is clean enough. There have been many incidents where fast food places have neglected to properly maintain the cleanliness of their workplace, and considering that they are preparing something that they are going to feed other people, it is simply appalling that some establishments simply don’t care.

Take one such incident, where a world-renowned fast food chain’s branch was found to have rats in the kitchen.

When Rodents Roam Free

In Delaware, a Burger King branch has been shut down until further notice after a certain video that showed multiple rats running around bags of hamburger buns went viral in social media. The video was shot and posted on the social media platform Facebook by Wilmington resident, Shantel Johnson.

The caption that she added to the video post warned others of the situation, and told them to not go to the Burger King branch at the 202. It also indicated the location, which was at Wilmington, Delaware Concord Pike.

The video showed rats running inside the bags, in between the rows of buns

By the first of June, Delaware’s Division of Public Health Office of Food Protection received a complaint, and then inspectors were then dispatched. When the inspectors arrived at the Burger King on Concord Pike in Brandywine Hundred, they were soon able to see just how badly-maintained the place was. After the full inspection, it was decided to close the restaurant due to an imminent health hazard that was caused by gross unsanitary conditions and rodent infestation.

Burger King immediately responded to the reactions online, and they defended themselves by saying that the Burger King branch in questions was independently owned, and that the owner of the branch has already been notified. They also added that the owner was also told to investigate the matter in its entirety and to take the appropriate measures as well.

Where Feces Was Found

According to the inspection report, the rodent’s feces was found both on and in the chicken sandwich, and the hamburger buns. The state health inspectors were also able to find evidence that the rats chewed through the plastic covering, and even the rolls. The buns weren’t the only places that droppings were found, either.

The health officials found droppings under the dry storage, the water heater, near the ice machine, and also near syrup storage boxes

Some also say that despite the workers and the owner knowing that there were obviously rats inside the kitchen, their efforts were ineffective in trying to eliminate them. Two mice were found that were inside traps, according to the inspection report, which suggested that this has been an ongoing problem.

Deadly Disease Carriers

Studies show that rats are quite possibly the most prevalent carriers of disease that the world has ever seen. The Black Death, which is also known as the Black Plague or the Great Plague, was caused by rats, which took the lives of an estimated 70 to 200 million people in Europe and part of Asia in the 13 years that it was active.

Though in modern times the bubonic plague is treatable because of scientific advances in pharmacology and antibiotics, it is still a fatal disease if left unchecked and untreated. That isn’t the only deadly disease they carry, however. Studies also show that they can transmit leptospirosis, rat-bite fever, omsk hemorrhagic fever, and many more. This is why people should always make sure to contact pest control services when rats are found in the house, as the longer they are left to roam, the harder they are to get rid of.

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