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Ever Wanted To Watch The Super Bowl Live? Here’s The Real Cost You Should Know About

On February 2, 2020, Super Bowl LIV happened. This big sporting event has been bringing people of all ages together to support their favorite teams since 1967. However, for people who wish to witness the game live, they must be financially prepared.

Buying the ticket isn’t the only expense there is to deal with, for there are many underlying costs that can affect a person’s budget. Now, we’ll be breaking down the cost so that you’ll know what you’re getting once the next big season comes!

Super Bowl ticket: $4,220 – $60,000

Super Bowl seats itself are super costly. The price varies depending on the location of the seat and also the number of people in the group. The better the place, the higher the rate.

People often buy the space for a lesser price only to resell it for profit, increasing the cost in itself. Obviously, the highest costing seats are exclusive. They offer premium benefits such as field access after the game, meet and greet with celebrities along with access to food and beverages.

Transportation to venue: Average of Around $350

Any flight deal to Miami International Airport depends on where the person is flying from. However, the average cost of a roundtrip flight is around $350. On top of that, the flights from the team’s hometown are definitely higher. A bus can be taken, nonetheless, from the different cities of Florida. The fare is around $100 to $115.

Hotel: $275-$880/night

Being in Miami for the game means crashing someplace else, too. The average cost of a 2-star hotel per night is around $275, which is very costly for that kind of accommodation. As for a 4-star hotel, the price can quickly go up to $800 per night. A better option is to rent a place from Airbnb, as it will be more accommodating and budget-friendly.

Dining out: $50 – $200

With restaurants in the Hard Rock Stadium having been renovated recently for approximately $50 million, there are top-notch restaurants that can make any person overspend easily. For an affordable experience, grab a combo meal at fast-food chains that cost about $8. Apart from your in-stadium meals, you’ll also need to allocate funds for about four days’ worth of food, so expect that you’ll be spending $50 to $200 for that weekend.

Weekend extras

Unless you intend to stay cooped up in your hotel room for the rest of that weekend, you’ll probably need to budget for a few more spending spree all over town. Before the game itself, you might want to visit museums and music venues. But if you don’t want to spend much, you can always just go to the Everglades National Park or stroll around the beach.

Estimated total spending

Overall, going to the Super Bowl isn’t very budget-friendly. If you’re still determined to travel to Miami for a fun-filled Super Bowl weekend, though, just anticipate that you’ll be paying high amounts on top of the $4,000+ cost of the game’s actual admission.

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