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This Town in California is the Richest Place in America in 2019

Tech billionaires like the late Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, former Google CEO Eric Schmidt, and Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg call this town their home. So, it’s not surprising to know that the average household income in this neighborhood is more than half a million dollars in a year.

For four consecutive years, Atherton in California has once again emerged on top of Bloomberg’s annual Richest Places Index.

Its proximity to Silicon Valley (20 minutes), and downtown San Francisco (45 minutes) may have made it more appealing to billionaires and C-Suite executives. The top 5 richest places on Bloomberg’s list are also just near business districts and suburbs. 

Its close proximity to Silicon Valley is a huge selling point for Atherton

Using inflation-adjusted household income data from at least 2,000 households for each area from the past 12 months, Bloomberg ranked the richest places in America. Here are the top 5 along with Atherton.

Top 5 Richest Places in the U.S.

Atherton, California – $525,324

A town in San Mateo County, it has a population of around 7,000 as of the 2010 census and is specifically known for its wealth. It’s considered as the most expensive ZIP code in the U.S. Aside from its tech billionaire residents, it is now the home of Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry when the team was moved to San Francisco in 2019.

NBA star Stephen Curry and his family recently moved to Atherton in 2019

Scarsdale, New York – $452,041

The 2010 census counted over 17,000 residents in Scarsdale, making it one of the largest populations on this list. Famous personalities who have lived here are NBA commissioner David Stern, John Lennon’s wife artist Yoko Ono, actress Judy Garland, and her daughter, actress Liza Minnelli.

Hillsborough, California – $430,681

This incorporated town in the San Francisco Bay Area had a population of 10,825 in 2010. Some of the most famous ones in its list of current and former residents are weight-loss guru Jenny Craig, Electronic Arts (EA) chairman and former CEO Larry Probst, actress Alicia Silverstone, and late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel.

The affluent town of Hillsborough, California, also has some famous residents.

Cherry Hills Village, Colorado – $406,314

Considered as one of the most affluent places in Colorado and the U.S., Cherry Hills Village got its name from a grove of cherry trees located near the original town. In 2010, this home rule municipality, which has been the home of NFL quarterback Peyton Manning, had a population of 5,987.

Los Altos Hills, California – $405,073

The ZIP code of this incorporated town in Santa Clara County just near Silicon Valley ranked the third-most-expensive in the U.S. 2017. An interesting thing to note about this wealthy community is that it is a strictly residential area. There has been a ban on commercial zones since the ’70s, so only two retail spots are present in the neighborhood. Multifamily housing is also not allowed. Despite its affluence, the town doesn’t have a post office so mails come from Los Altos. Polic and fire services are also outsourced from Santa Clara County.

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