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European Collectibles Didn’t See The Jerry Seinfeld’s Lawsuit Coming

Seinfeld V. European Collectibles

Jerry Seinfeld is instituting legal action against a California company that deals in classic cars. It is Seinfeld’s allegation against the company that it left him in a stranded position when he got into a dispute over the authenticity of a 1958 Porsche which he earlier bought from the company.

Seinfeld is bringing an action against European Collectibles for selling to him a fake Porsche vehicle

Reports indicate that he’s seeking damages that are not yet specified in the suit which he commenced at the Manhattan Federal Court against California’s European Collectibles.  The lawsuit indicated that as a well-to-do comedian, Seinfeld has no need of supplementing his income through activities such as building or selling counterfeit sports vehicles.

It further highlighted that Seinfeld can rightly boast of the ownership of one of the largest Porsches collections in the world. Prior to the time, he instructed his agent to make a proposal for the purchase of this vintage car, he didn’t have any dealing whatsoever with European Collectibles.

The suit against the California Company came only a couple of weeks after the comedian was himself slammed with a lawsuit by a company stating that it bought Seinfeld’s Porsche at the sum of 1.5, million dollars just for the company to discover it was fake merchandise.

Prior Sale To Fica Frio

Seinfeld indicated in the lawsuit that he purchased the vehicle from the California Company in February 2013 for $1.2 million and it placed reliance on the certificate of authenticity issued by the company.  In March 2016, Seinfeld sold the vehicle to Fica Frio Limited, a Channel Islands-based company. The company is suing Seinfeld for recovery of the money is used to purchase the vehicle as well as the other costs already incurred.

Jerry Seinfeld does not seem to be dropping charges against European collectibles.

With the look of things, the situation could get really bad for European Collectibles. That is primarily because one of the allegations in the lawsuit is that the sale to Seinfeld was not the first time the company would sell a classic Porsche that was only a restored piece to a customer who would later discover its inauthenticity.

Primary Purpose Of Lawsuit

His suit has the primary aim of revealing the specific extent of the fraudulent activities of European Collectibles particularly as it relates to restoration and subsequent sale of classic vehicles. Seinfeld’s aim isn’t to make money.

According to his lawyer, Seinfeld shouldn’t be held liable in the matter. He is only trying to do what is right by instituting an action that holds European Collectibles accountable and to also give the court the avenue to arrive at a just outcome.

The primary aim of the suit according to Seinfeld’s attorney is to reveal the fraudulent activities of European Collectibles

The company that bought the Porsche Carrera Speedster insists that the comedian intentionally made a misrepresentation as to the sports car’s authenticity. His attorney has, however, denied those allegations and has referred to the lawsuit as a frivolous one.

Fica purchased the Porsche from Seinfeld at a Florida auction held in March 2016 and took the vehicle to one of the most respected Porsche dealers in the world who subsequently questioned the vehicle’s authenticity.

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