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What Everyone Ought To Know About Leasing Business Premises?

For years, leasing business properties has been a complex process. Tenants and landlords have found it difficult to be ‘on the same page’ in the leasing process. Perhaps this was due to the legal nature of the process but more often than not, landlords would prefer going through the whole leasing process on their own – without the intervention of a professional solicitor. Consequently, both the tenants and landlords would find it difficult to be on the same page. For example, they may miss out on important keynotes in the draft or they may deviate from the legal connotations of the leasing process.


Rodnae / Pexels / To ensure that you do not miss out on the major aspects of the leasing process, it is essential to seek legal advice.


This is where a professional solicitor comes into play. If you hire a solicitor as a landlord, he will ensure that your leasing draft is all-encompassing and cover every single aspect of leasing. Similarly, the tenant will be pristinely clear about the ins and outs of the premises that he renting. From down payments and installments to monthly payments, everything will be covered in writing.

  • The Heads of Terms of Leasing Are Essential

It is pertinent to mention here that an essential part of signing a leasing contract is to ensure that both parties are clear about the terms of the agreement. Once the rules of engagement have been established and all of the terms and conditions have been clearly mentioned, both parties can agree to those terms. That is why the involvement of a professional is essential at this stage. The solicitor will make both parties – the landlord and the tenant – wary of all the aspects of the contract so that before they sign the contract, they will understand what they are signing up for.


Andrea / Pexels / If either party departs from the signed head of terms down the road, both of the contractors may face legal consequences.


Important as it is to be fairly clear on the head of terms, if anyone deviates from the mentioned terms and conditions, it may lead to legal consequences. To be specific, the court will intervene. If the problem is not solved in court, either one or both of the parties may be subjected to penalties.

  • Latest Leasing Code

Another essential component of all leasing contracts is the code. And leasing business properties are no exception. Official bodies keep changing and updating the codes for leasing. Similarly, landlords and tenants have to be updated with the latest code as well.


Christina Christina / Pexels /  The latest code for leasing in 2020 replaces the archaic code that was set in 2007.


This latest code of 2020 aims at making the process of leasing business properties easier, quicker, and more reliable. The benefits of the 2022 leasing code are:

It leaves room for negotiation – doing more good for landlords who are not under the supervision of RICS.
Reduces legal fees that are extra and unnecessary.
Makes the contract fair and clear for both parties.

Thus, if you are either a landlord or a potential tenant looking to lease business premises, make sure that you are aware of the latest code of 2020.

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