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Here’s Why a lot of Workers Prefer Fewer Working Hours to Lunch Breaks

In the corporate world of working 9-5 shifts, a lot of these workers have revealed that they will be more satisfied with reduced work time, rather than a having to take a lunch hour break, which is the norm for the corporate system.

What the Employment Law Says

The British law about creating a favorable working condition states that the legal requirement that must be abided to by most companies is that no employee or worker should be made to work for hours more than 48 hours in a week. However, an agreement can be made to exempt employees that are above the age of 18.

The law also stipulates at least a 20 minutes break for employees who have to work for 6 or more hours in a day. But a lot of companies and work institution offers more than this to keep their employees in the best working condition.

companies and organizations should abide by the rule f no employee working more than 48 hours a week, except through the conditions stated.

Research On Working Hours

This research when carried out had about a 70% of the workers in the UK claiming that the lunch break stipulated hour is the most case a lot lesser than that, due to the fact that they will have a lot of table works to tend too. With this, the average time calculated for this lunch hour is just about 31 minutes.

Form the research, 40% claimed that they would rather have reduced working hours to the lunch break hour. With this, they claim they will be able to finish up with their duties very much earlier, or they can later than usual. The reason for this according to 18% is the issue of having to work through lunch hours which they do not see as healthy and effective enough. Another 25% stated that after they have taken their normal lunch break, they tend to lag for the rest of the working hours which leads to unfinished work.

Now it is getting to become a normal practice that the lunch break interest only a few workers, as most of them do not even care about it anymore, which is not very healthy in a working environment. The way it is these days, a lot of workers just manage to add in eating of lunch into their work schedule like working behind a desk, running of errands, shopping and many other.

As a matter of fact, the idea of getting a higher pay in the stead of a working hour break seats well with a lot of workers. With this, companies might have to look at the concept of this lunch break more carefully and take advantage of the flexibility of employees in this aspect.

A lot of employees prefer getting more pay for more working hours than have to take the one-hour lunch break.

Furthermore, on the research, one out of every three workers decided that a rest break during a working day may be all that they need to refresh their energy and become very more productive. This can also help to serve the benefit of being able to structure their work pattern suitably.

Employees who claim to have full control of their working condition and how they manage their time, including how long they can take on breaks were 16%. They also claimed that their freedom on this issue as to do with the leniency of their employees on how long they are allowed to take during working hours.

Importance Of Flexible Work Hours

Nowadays, a flexible working schedule is getting in vogue in the labor force because a lot of people are giving up on the 9-5 working hours. Some claim that they do not have time to improve other aspects of their lives which is very fundamental for every human being.

More than 50% of the individuals that took part in the research preferred to work under a sociable environment, with a good location and a good influx of income. Most importantly they want to work with shifts pattern, and they believe this will afford them more time to pursue other activities.

A lot of the employees would prefer to have flexible working hours, in a more social working environment that offers more pay and the opportunity to work shifts.

Some of the individuals also completely felt that they cannot talk about their present management into flexible working hours, and would not even bother to ask about it at all. So it is essential that if some of these organizations and companies do not want to lose some of their best staff, they have to start thinking about improved working conditions together with more flexible working hours to go.

Ultimately, the government has to play a major role in reviewing the employment laws to quite favor the employees. Management, on the other hand, has to be willing to work alongside the employees on flexible work hours, as well as more relaxation time.

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