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These Are The Important Things People in Their 20s Should Really Know About Work & Life Before They Settle Down

While people see their 30s as a time to settle down, get a serious job and start a family, the young crowd in their 20s is more on how to have a good time and enjoy themselves. This doesn’t mean though that one should wait until their 30th birthday before they start making strides to improve their life for the long-term.

People can definitely enjoy their youth while also choosing wisely when it comes to advancing their professional careers. That’s what Teach Starter CEO Scott Tonges realized as he looked back in his 20s.

Spending One’s Free Time

A person’s early 20s is usually spent in college and then navigating the job market for the first time

After spending probably about eight hours working or studying, young people have plenty of time on their hands. In fact, Tonges says that a person wouldn’t have this much free hours again until their retirement in the future. Now, the question is how this time is spent. Tonges advises twenty-somethings to decide on their goals and spend their free time wisely by working towards them.

A Chance to be Selfish

At this stage in life, people are also freer in the sense that they don’t have huge obligations like a mortgage, a spouse or kids yet to think about. Without any ‘real’ commitments yet, twenty-somethings have the opportunity to explore various endeavors or pursue their set goals with ‘pure single-mindedness’, as Tonges put it.

A Time for Risks

Tonges also invites people to ask themselves: ‘Will you regret not taking the risk?’

Similarly, people in their 20s are in a good position to take risks. And although these come with the possibility of negatively affecting one’s future, Tonges realized that simply choosing inaction can also cause harm in the long run.

He advises individuals to always weigh the upsides and downsides of a risky decision they may be faced with. Assess whether the decision is reasonable and rational or if one’s reservations are only caused by the opinion of others.

Working Harder Than Ever

When a person takes advantage of both tons of free time and self-discipline, something magical can happen. Again, with minimal commitments, twenty-somethings have the perfect chance to work harder than they ever did. So, turn off the television and get to work, Tonges urges people. Whatever one’s goal is, whether it’s to get a promotion or maybe even start their own business, they should dedicate themselves to achieve it.

Free to Choose

Instead of just thinking and dreaming, Tonges urges people to think and then act to achieve these dreams.

After graduating from college, people, for the first time since they started going to school, are free from the dictation of their parents and the school schedule. Thus, a person’s twenties can be an interesting and exciting time. It’s also when they should be asking themselves serious questions like what they really want to do with their life.

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