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Kim Kardashian Makes HUGE Career Decision

Kim Kardashian has just recently revealed that she is returning back to school, and this is expectedly the rave of the moment.

Already 38, mother of 3 and wife to a superstar, one would think that Kim Kardashian is living the dream life. However, she has made up her mind to begin studying law at a firm in San Francisco.

The qualification process is expected to take about 4 years in total, and she hopes that in about 3 years she will be called to the bar.

But the thought of going through the grueling academic procedure of becoming a lawyer, especially in California, has really made her a bit worried.

Hillary Clinton failed the exam during her student years, although given that she later became very successful in the legal field, Kim can draw inspiration from that.

Talking more on this new adventure, she revealed that she had to think long and hard about it, and decided that her current occupations were not enough, thus, she needed to educate herself more.

Reason for Returning to College

Kim Kardashian also gave her experience in the white house as a reason for wanting to learn more in the law field. She described the funny incident of having to sit in the Roosevelt room when she was called to the white house to announce a law that would change clemency for criminals.

Kim’s experience in the white house is one of the major catalysts for seeking further education

She said it felt funny sitting there and passing laws like a chief judge when she knows that she has only a little knowledge of it.

She has also been involved in a lot of activities that involved visiting prisons and meeting with governors. Most times she has had to work with attorney Jessica Jackson.

Inspiration from Her Late Dad

She also revealed that her interest in law had been a long time coming, and her deceased father Robert Kardashian was the first person to get her interested in the field.

The reality star was inspired by the inquisitiveness she got from going through her late dad’s work

Robert Kardashian was an attorney and a businessman as well. He was however famous for defending his friend O. J Simpson the famous murder trial in 1994.

She also recalled that during the lifetime of her father, he used the family home office as a meeting place with other attorneys. Also, she talked about her father’s library where he kept all his evidence books, and how she would always go and check the books.

Major Challenge

Speaking on the challenges, she explained that the reading part can be very time-consuming, although she grasps the concept quickly, reading just always happens to be difficult.

Like most students, Kim Kardashian finds reading grueling and boring

When asked about the negative feedbacks she will most likely face, she explained that she isn’t concerned about that since she has the support of those that really matter, her husband and other family members.

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