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Lori Loughlin’s Court Case Just Might Have Just Gotten a Little too Serious and We Are Confused

Just in case you missed it, actress Lori Loughlin and her husband Mossimo Giannuli are presently facing a court case for a cheating scandal that has to do with bribing college officials to secure admission for their daughters. Right now, the situation might just have gotten worse than it previously seemed, with the couple claiming they did not realize that bribing is a crime and pleading not guilty to the charge.

Ignorance is not a Crime

As much as this seems to be hilarious, there could actually be an element of truth in it. It is possible that they did not realize the legal implication of what they were getting into, that they were just parents trying to get the best for their daughters.

Now, the question is “does ignorance count in the court of law?” The answer is no, and the excuse does not count in a law court.

The Bribe and Other Evidence

The bribe was said to be around $500,000 to help with the faux admission of their daughters, Olivia and Isabella, into the University of Southern California. However, even with their ignorance claim, it is obvious that they are lying because there have been many emails and recorded phone conversations indicating how they manipulated the recruiting team of the university.

The bribe was about $500,000

Lori Loughlin husband’s letter particularly captured the bribery intent. The letter was written to William Singer who according to reports is the mastermind of the faux admission. In the letter, Giannuli wrote that he would like to meet with Singer and come up with a game plan to ensure that the girls gained admission.

Emails and recorded conversation are proof that the couple knew what they were doing

Well, maybe the court would have been lenient with them if they played the plead card and admitted the charges. The situation is similar to that of Felicity Huffman who admitted in her own case that she is indeed guilty of the crime.

How it Could End

Lori Loughlin and her husband are really playing with fire and things can go even worse if they keep playing their ignorance card. Just a day after claiming they were not aware of the crime they were committing, they were charged with money laundering. Now, their chance of winning the case if it ever goes to trial is very slim because trying to prove that they don’t know about the crime is an extreme sport for their attorneys.

In the real sense of things, it seems their attorneys do not wield enough power over them. Maybe the couple undermined the seriousness of their situation and went against the advice of their attorneys to plead guilty.

After claiming not-guilty in court, they were charged with money Laundry

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