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Owner of the $30-Million Mansion Blames James Harden for Damaging His Property. Here Are All the Details

It’s no surprise to hear celebrities throwing off lavish and wild parties in their posh places. Sometimes, however, things can get so out of hand … which is OK if you have your own house. BUT, if you are like James Harden, who was just renting out a $30-million mansion in Beverly Hills, you have to watch out for the landlord or the owner of the property since they can easily know if you broke any of the signed rules.


In case you haven’t imagined yet how beautiful an expensive mansion in a posh location looks like, it spans 14,554 sq ft and has 8 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms (you can’t really expect no less from an NBA star, right?).

It also has a wine cellar, a swimming pool, and a gym – the perfect venue for a big event. It used to be the house of Vanna White, hostess of Wheel of Fortune, who was once married to George Santo Pietro from 1990 to 2002, the current owner of the property.

Vanna White used to live in this mansion

George sued James because he allegedly lied about his intentions of the house. He also claimed that the tenant knew he was going to host a party before putting his signature along the dotted line, thereby lying straight to his face.


Add to the misleading intention, the owner claimed the basketball superstar turned his mansion into a party house, which should have been priced differently than James’ rental fee. As per the contract, the star agreed that there would be no smoking inside the house, there should only be a maximum of seven guests at a time, valet cars weren’t allowed to park on the street, and he had to take out rental coverage.

There are a lot of rules in renting this place out

Now, George is asking at least $300,000 from James for all the supposed differences in the fees had he been honest about what he was doing in the house. According to TMZ, the Houston Rockets player allegedly paid $82,200 for the week as a vacation rental, starting on Aug. 11. The owner said he typically would ask for $150,000 for a big event held at his spot.

Breaking the Contract

George said that James threw at least two parties at the mansion with over 15 guests, which clearly was against what was agreed upon. The owner claimed his property incurred damages during the events and the neighbors got irritated. As such, he was also suing the NBA player of fraud for a punitive penalty.

The owner said he tried reaching out to James, but he doesn’t want to cooperate, which led to George filing a case against the client. For sure, that was just a spare change for James, who currently is in the midst of a $228-million, 6-year contract.

A paparazzi sued James Harden after a 2016 incident

Speaking of a lawsuit, back in July, James won a paparazzi case filed by an L.A.-based photographer David Flores in 2017, who accused the athlete of smacking him. The incident allegedly happened on May 13, 2016 when he asked the player about his views on political matter while recording the entire ordeal. The celebrity hit the interviewer so hard that the victim reportedly broke his finger.

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