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Read How Lupita Nyongo’s Expensive Oscar Dress Was Returned After Being Stolen

Actress Lupita Nyongo is well known for her great fashion sense, and she always looks stunning in any outfit she has on. Her clothes are also quite expensive ad this once led to a theft issue in February 2015.

The Worth Of Lupita’s Stolen Gown

It was reported that one of her dress worth about Ksh15 million which is equivalent to 150,000 in dollars was stolen from her hotel room in London. The dress was said to be customized with pearled designs all over it.

How The Gown Was Stolen And Returned

According to reports, the door to her hotel room was somehow left open, and the thief saw this as an opportunity to take the gown away.

The actress was said to have previously worn the cloth to the Oscar ceremony and an exhibition that was hosted by Calvin Klein. It was probably at this point that the dress caught the fancy of the thief.

Lupita Nyongo described the cloth as a complete piece of art, and it was said to have been made by the Francisco Costa a renowned fashionista. The theft case was also reported to the local police in London, West Hollywood after the theft had occurred.

Fortunately for Lupita, the thief returned the dress and even made a call to a newspaper agency that had previously published the theft story. The thief, a male, also gave a reason; that the dress is a counterfeit and that was why he returned it.

The glamorous gown that was stolen.

The dress was said to have been returned to one of the bathrooms in the hotel, and the thief disclosed this information when he called.

Lupita, however, did not give answers as to whether the dress is fake or not. She was just delighted to have her gown back.

The Making Of The Gown

The dress was also estimated to cost more than its original price in the black market, if the thief had cashed out on it. It was also in the reports that it took more than 8 months to finish making the dress with more than 20 people taking turns to hand style it. The pearls were said to be white and natural.

It took a period of more than 8 months to complete the dress, and more than 20 people were involved in styling it

Each of the pearls is said to worth a whooping Ksh 10,000, and that just shows how expensive the dress is. Images of Lupita donning the dress at the Oscar ceremony in California, 2015, showed that the pearls on the gown could have been up to 6,000.

The gown was also a perfect body hugging one, befitting the actress figure accurately.

Yet reasons as to why the thief thinks that the dress is a counterfeit remains unknown to the general public, or it was just an excuse for returning the dress.

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