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Buying Real Estate Without an Agent

Getting a real estate property to your name is one of the major milestones to be achieved once you’re financially stable. It is of utmost importance to get rid of your rented property and live in a self-owned property no matter how small the area of your living space. It frees you of the great responsibility of scampering for rent every month. Paying off your rent expenditure also leaves you with less money to spend on your daily necessities.

Then comes the added hassle of shifting from one place to another with all your belongings once your landlord decides to vacate the place or get a new tenant. Thus, once you have earned a sufficient pool of income and saved it with a decided goal of getting real estate, you may eagerly embark on a hunt to get your first property. You might also be excited to skip the middleman: the real estate agent.

Unsplash | You never know when you’d have to vacate rented property

The Real Estate Agent

Many people view the real estate person as an added cost for acquiring a property. This is because these agents charge a hefty commission both from the seller and the buyer; thus, you may believe that forgoing an agent is the smartest move you may make. Given below are a few advantages of going through a real estate agent when buying property.

– You may save on precious time because dealers have a lot of property listings

– You cannot be cheated into an overpriced bargain because the agent can help you acquire a fair price for the property you love

Unsplash | Agents can be the key to your dream home

– They can share their experience with you regarding the properties that you are expected to appreciate in the near future and help you earn a net profit on investment

– They can also help you sort through all the paperwork and legalities

Thus, there are a lot of perks for going through a real estate agent, especially if you are acquiring your first property and are not familiar with the technicalities involved in acquiring land/house. However, not all agents can help you in your journey. Some brokers may be entirely guided by the commission and try to hook you up on the first property you show partiality so as to cash their commission.

Likewise, some brokers may be too busy to give you their proper time, and you will be expected to form your schedule according to their free hours. This seems like a completely inappropriate arrangement since you are their customers and deserve priority.

Unsplash | Time is of the essence

However, these cons do not mean that you entirely circumvent a real estate agent’s need, but it simply means that you must change your broker.

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