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Check Out These Holiday Attractions of the British Royal family

It is tough even to consider that the royal family of Britain would ever desire to leave their lavish homes besides going to their other luxurious residencies. However, when they wish to go somewhere for some relaxation, they are known for picking some of the most bucolic places.

Prince William, Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, Prince Charles, and other members of the royal family really deserve to enjoy the exceptional sites, ski towns, and white-sand beach resorts.


Mustique, an island in the Caribbean sea, belonging to Saint Vincent and the grenadines which became familiar to most people in the year 1976, when pictures of Princess Margaret with her eight-year-long partner Roddy Llewellyn, became known to the public as it is shown in a Netflix based Tv series The Crown.

The former home (Les Jolies Eaux) of the late princess on her private island stands till today, and the six roomed abode is on the market for rent. This Caribbean island is still the favorite place for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, who resided there in 2019 with their children while enjoying vacations. The royal family inhabited the five-bedroom Villa Antilles which is a modern colonial-style house.


In 2016 the Duke and Duchess of Sussex planned to go to Botswana for their third date and camped under the stars, as Prince Harry quoted. The couple has recently announced to retire their roles as seniors of the Royal Family and leave behind the Your Highness tag.

The couple resided in one of Harry’s most cherished locations, Meno a Kwena and returned next year again to celebrate the Duchess Meghan’s birthday.  This country in Southern Africa holds so much value to the former Prince that one of the stones on his wife’s engagement ring was brought in from there.

Montego Bay, Jamaica


Almost all of the members of the British family have enjoyed their vacations in the 400-acre Half Moon resort, which allows guests to marvel the beaches, with the most extensive spa oasis, a golf course, and the most famous Sugar Mill Restaurant.

Klosters, Switzerland

This skiing destination is a hot favorite of Prince Charles for the past 40 years, a place where both the young princes William and Harry learned to ski. Home to Casa Antica, a favorite of Princess Diana, where later Prince William was first seen publicly with then-girlfriend Kate. Peaceful environment and private luxury- the site has it all!


This Caribbean Island was the first destination holiday of Lady Diana after her separation, together with her two boys William and Harry. The family stayed at the  Montpelier Plantation Inn, a charismatic hotel with stunning views. Later, Prince Harry returned to the same place to promote the conservation of the beach.

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