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Gwen Stefani’s Mansion Has Finally Found a Buyer: Here’s a Look at the Super Eccentric Interior of the Property

There are many celebrity houses on the market today which are expectedly classy and grand-looking. After all, big stars have lots of money to spend on beautifying the humble abodes that they go to late at night when shooting finishes.

However, there is only a handful that stands out from the crowd, not because of the previous owner but because of the interior of the property. One of the most eccentric you will ever see is Gwen Stefani’s home, which was recently sold for $21.65 million.

Less than The Initial Price

Despite the whopping amount, this wasn’t the original price tag of the hilltop mansion in the posh Beverly Hills, which houses many celebrities and high-profile personalities. The lead singer of No Doubt was initially asking for $35 million for her property in January 2017, when she first put the property on the market.

Before the sale of the estate, it was relisted for $25 million in July this year, so even though she might have sold it at a relatively good amount, she got about $13 million short of her asking price.

Gwen Stefani and ex-husband Gavin Rossdale bought the property in 2006

While that is the case, Gwen may find comfort that the amount she went home with is still $8.4 million more than the buying price in 2006. At the time, the singer was still married to Gavin Rossdale and now that they have moved on from each other, it is only logical to assume that The Voice coach is more than willing to let go of their house, despite the amazing interior of the property — the former couple split in 2016 and the Sweet Escape singer is quite enjoying the company of boyfriend Blake Shelton while the Bush band member has been with several women.

Interesting Interior

The Summit, as what the mansion is called, spans 15,000 sq ft and has seven bedrooms and 10 bathrooms. The interior is eye-popping and whimsical, thanks to renowned designer Kelly Wearstler. Stepping into the property, you might be confused if you’re in a Willy Wonka world because of the seemingly magical features that will greet your eyes. As you head your way to the main door, it’s impossible to miss the black and white walkway.

One of the living rooms has an eye-popping hot pink couch

This design continues inside, where paintings hanging in the foyer will greet guests. You will take time appreciating the living room that has a bright pink couch and a statue of a rhinoceros. Behind a marble wall is another living room that is somewhat a more formal space where a painting will grab your attention. In the kitchen, several walls are in black-and-white stripes that are contrasted by the white marble flooring.

A Mix of Colors and Amazing View

Some of the rooms are in black and white stripes

The house is basically filled with splashes of colors, while you will be amazed, too, of the black-and-white aesthetic of some of the rooms. But apart from the intrepid yet oddly harmonious style of the interior, what perhaps sealed the deal was the unobstructed view that will give you a very nice sight of the city.

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