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Knowing How Much These Record-Breaking Mansions Were Sold For Will Make Your Jaw Drop

According to sources, the average American home costs around $250,000. While this amount may be high to some, it’s but a small fraction of the costs of the most expensive residences that were ever sold in the United States. Here are seven of these massive mansions. See if they’re worth their $100 million and above price tags.

Masayoshi Son’s Woodside Estate

Coming in at the sixth spot is a nine-acre estate located in Woodside, California. The property was sold for a whopping $117.5 million in 2012 by a then-anonymous billionaire, which was later identified to possibly be Masayoshi Son. The Japanese businessman is best known as the CEO of the holding company SoftBank.

The Spelling Manor

The manor is reportedly the largest home in the whole of Los Angeles County.

The fifth spot on the list belongs to two homes. One of them is the Spelling Manor in Los Angeles, which was recently taken off the market for $120 million. The property originally belonged to the late television giant Aaron Spelling and was sold by his wife Candy. The massive 123-room, custom-built mansion was first listed for $150 million.

The Copper Beech Estate

Tieing with the Spelling Manor is the Copper Beech Estate in Greenwich, Connecticut. The 50-acre property was also sold at a discount after being on the market for about a year. It boasts of a grand 1,800 feet long driveway as well as a 75 foot heated pool. Built in 1898, it also features numerous tennis courts, gardens and even an apple orchard.

The Broken O Ranch

What sets this next property aside from the previous ones is the fact that it actually is a working ranch. According to sources, the Broken O Ranch in Augusta, Montana produces large amounts of both grain and hay annually. Not only that, but it’s also home to about 5,000 cows. It was bought for $132.5 million in cash by American billionaire Stan Kroenke back in 2012. The property’s starring feature though is its gorgeous 10,000 square feet mansion.

The East Hampton Estate

The Hamptons may be known for expensive houses but they all pale in comparison against this East Hampton estate sold for an eye-popping $147 million in 2014. The property held the distinction as the most expensive house ever purchased in the country at the time until it was dethroned in 2019 by another house on this list.

The Chartwell Estate

The home was built in the style of a French castle.

The Chartwell Estate is another property that went through price downgrades before finding a new resident. After languishing in the market when prices at $350 million, it was sold for $150 million to Lachlan Murdoch, who is the CEO of Fox Corporation.

220 Central Park South Top Floors

A rendering of what the 220 Central South Park penthouse would look like.

By quite a long shot, 220 Central Park South’s top four floors clinched the top spot as the most expensive home sold in the country’s history. Owned by hedge fund manager Ken Griffin, the $238 million abode was reportedly bought unfurnished, so decorating it might even bump up its already mind-boggling value.

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