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Mortgage Rates Hit New Low on Coronavirus Fears—But There Might Be A Silver Lining To The Real Estate Market’s Turmoil

Mortgage rates were already at an all-time low, but they just hit rock bottom.

During the last week of February, everyone was shocked at how the average 30-year, fixed-rate mortgage plummeted to a record 3.29%. As per Freddie Mac, it is the lowest level in its nearly five-decade survey. In fact, the 15-year fixed-rate mortgage declined to 2.79%.

No one to blame but the coronavirus

Bond revenues have seen a historic blow as the COVID-19 pandemic sends the global market into turmoil. In the first week of March, the Federal Reserve declared an emergency rate reduction, which brought down the rate range of the benchmark interest from 1% to 1.25%. That reduction, together with the lowest 10-year Treasury revenue and ongoing coronavirus dread, can only lead to lower mortgage rates.

However, according to Mark Hamrick, Bankrate’s senior economic analyst, this is now the best time for people wanting to buy homes to get funding. Although house prices have increased and bargaining is difficult, financing has improved, with opportunities for rates to plummet still. The mortgage interest rate being closer to the top of the list is the silver lining behind all this chaos.

A boost for the real estate market of spring

The stock market’s volatility and the economy’s ambiguity aren’t making home buyers confident, but lessening monthly dues by acquiring a lower mortgage rate or refinancing can help. At the peak of the spring homebuying season, these prices are well-timed.

Although these favorable prices alone won’t automatically bring in new buyers, this shift may entice those already contemplating buying a home to take advantage of low-interest rates. On top of that, the price cut helps both individual buyers and the whole real estate sector.

Should you stall for lower rates?

It can be quite tricky to know whether or not you should move now. If you want to refinance or acquire a new mortgage, assess the immediate impact of it on your finances. If you’ll be able to save interest expenses substantially, grow assets quicker, or secure assets at a sensible price to finance a renovation scheme, then go for it!

For refinancing mortgages, compare the numbers proposed with what you have at the moment. If the new price is 0.75% lower than the present pricing, then it’s generally going to pay off if you refinance after the expenses of the refi. If you intend to stay home, assess the numbers to know if it’s sensible to refi from a 30- to a 15-year mortgage, too. You may be capable of paying about the same cost each month and have your property paid off sooner than you think, with lesser interest payments.

Go on and shop!

Even before the rate cut last February, lenders had been giving competitive prices and even adding some closing costs. Still, shopping around is always a good idea. Don’t assume great deals from big banks just because your checking and saving accounts are with them. Often the humbler, community banks have the best deals to offer.

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