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Nicole Kidman Finally Lets Cameras in Her Multi-Million Dollar Australian Home and it Looks Absolutely Gorgeous

Way before she made it big in Hollywood, actress Nicole Kidman had a thriving career back home in her native country of Australia. With her excellent chameleon skills, she’s managed to adjust and blend in quite nicely in the good old US of A but she’s still in touch with her roots in the land down under.

Proof of it is her quintessentially Aussie farmhouse which she recently unveiled to the world.

The Vogue Tour

Kidman in the airy living room of her 1800s farmhouse located just outside Sydney

Thanks to Vogue magazine’s 73 Questions segment, fans can finally get a peek inside Kidman’s secret outback getaway home. In the rapid-fire question interview, the glowing 51-year-old actress toured the magazine’s team throughout her and husband Keith Urban‘s 111-acre estate.

The tour begins at the stunning farmhouse’s foyer. While the video didn’t quite capture the home entirely, it still showed enough to reveal the beauty of the Georgian-style house. Originally built in 1878, it exudes a traditional yet regal charm that could take anyone back the country’s early days before its founding.

Kidman, dressed in a vintage floor-length white dress even looked the part as she showed off the rooms and features of the place. The first stop of the mini-tour is the billiard room located on the ground floor where a classic pool table is located. Here, the statuesque actress reveals her surprising nickname ‘Pool Shark’ because of her skills in the game.

Country Living

The $6.5 million farmhouse primarily features white wall interiors and exteriors with rustic woodwork touches

The home also has its own library filled with floor-to-ceiling wooden bookshelves lining its four walls. Looking closely during this segment of the interview, one can notice an American flag pillow decorating one of the reading couches. It seems that Kidman likes to keep some bits of her other home country in Australia.

Going outside, Kidman then took the crew to a little white cottage right next to the main house. There she showed off the cottage’s kitchen which she admits is much simpler than the one they have inside. Further within the 11-acre property are an orchard and a small farm where the couple keeps a couple of black Angus cows and a fruit plantation.

Contrast to California

Kidman and her family spend most of their time in their Beverly Hills home back in Los Angeles

The simplicity and earthy vibes of her Australian abode is definitely a contrast to that of her more permanent home in Los Angeles where she lives with her husband and two daughters, 10-year-old Sunday Rose and 8-year-old Faith.

The power couple owns quite an impressive folio of real estate properties all over the United States and home country of Australia. One of them is a 12,000-foot mansion in Nashville where her musician husband’s music label is located. They also own some houses and pads in Sydney, New York City and Los Angeles. The movie star has an estimated net worth of about $120 million while Urban brings in $75 million to the marital table.

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