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Nothing But Drag: RuPaul Just Bought a $13.7-Million Mansion That is Unapologetically Grand

When you’re a world-famous drag sensation, a four-time Emmy winner, and one of the most influential icons of this generation, you shouldn’t settle for anything less, especially if you’re the one and only RuPaul. Of course, this queen will never be OK with just OK, so when he added a new property to his impressive real estate portfolio, oh boy did he slay with a neoclassic European-style house he got for $13.7 million.

Neoclassic but Rococo

Sitting on a first-class street in an already A-lister-infested Coldwater Canyon in Beverly Hills, the mansion that was priced $17 million in March, spans to more than 10,300 sq ft on a half-an-acre area.

RuPaul’s new mansion was originally priced at $17 million

Though the house by form is a neoclassic, intricate and fanciful ornaments resembling the Rococo are evident in the place. If you feed on dramatic flares, then this castle-like home is your buffet, with its four-columned façade paired with arched, heavily ornate windows (palace in Versailles would claim it as its own) and made even more European with the French doors in the mix — you’ll think the place is a royal residence fit for the international drag queen.

Exquisite Interior

However, the gobble-all-you-can dramatic flares don’t end at the exterior. Upon reaching the foyer of this palace, you’ll be astounded of the double-height ceilings, marbled grand staircase with elaborate railings — perfect for making an extra entrance — and of course, the marbled black-and-white floors with an in-laid pattern.

Making the lobby more lavish is a pair of Corinthian pilasters bordering the arched doorway that leads to what seems to be a living area. These pilasters appeared to be a common ornate with the interior but the one in the anteroom is made from black marble.

Common rooms are bright and airy, thanks to the French doors and arched windows

The formal living space is bright, light, and airy with the abundance of arched windows (another common theme in the house) above white French doors. Ceilings are also decorated with fine wall moldings. Details are scattered around the house – there are intricate carvings on the fireplace and other specific furnishings.

Just like the living area, the formal dining room also has a row of French doors with arched windows above, making it as bright as RuPaul’s stardom. With all the brightness, the room may seem simple but the white on white moldings on the wall added grandeur to the room.

The family room contrasted the lightness of other common rooms

At first glance, the kitchen may look like a standard gourmet kitchen for celebrities with the tan-colored marbled countertops and kitchen island. However, if you zoom in and see the intricate details of the cupboards, you’ll see that this house is filled with details and that a true artisan worked on this place that was built in the ‘90s.
The kitchen’s bay window is also curved to compliment the arched aesthetic of the interior. The kitchen is also equipped with high-standard furnishings. Again, to go with the curved and arched look of the interior, adjacent to the kitchen is the round breakfast room that is surrounded by French doors that give you a semi-360-degree view of the backyard.
The family room contrasted the brightness of other common rooms, with its dark wood walls with moldings. This room also comes with its wet bar perfect for entertaining fellow queens and maybe a couple of RuPaul’s Drag Race alumni.

Everything but Simple

The three-story house boasts four en suite rooms including the master suite, all on the top level of the mansion, and add to that a garage that can house four vehicles. On the ground level where a gym, a media room, and a wine cellar are located, the quarters of house staff are also located.
Because of the coffered ceilings, marbled black-and-white floors, a lounging area, and a walk-in closet apt for the many and varying sartorial pieces RuPaul has, the master suite is everything but simple. With the magnificence of the interior and the facade, you wouldn’t expect that the backyard can keep up with it.
There is a loggia with stone pavements leading to a wonderful roofed terrace that even has a television and an outdoor fireplace. Among the greenery are pinkish bougainvilleas that sprinkle color to the lavish yard, which also has a gazebo and a swimming pool.

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