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What Most People Don’t Know About ‘The Golden Girls’ House & What Happened to It After The Show Ended

Many young people today are not at all familiar with the popular 80s show ‘The Golden Girls’. But the series’ impact on its millions of fans can still be felt today with many still identifying themselves with the four main characters.

Unfortunately, only Betty White, who played Rose Nylund, remains of the original main cast. It’s fortunate though that the show lives on through other means as well, notably in the iconic house that was used for it.

Real House Location

A behind the scenes look at a ‘The Golden Girls’ studio set

In the show, the foursome’s house address is said to be 151 Richmond Street in Miami, but the truth is that no such address actually exists. In reality, the show’s interior house scenes were shot in a studio set which gave the showrunners the opportunity to make an original floor plan for the girls’ home.

Still, it’s worth noting that the house’s exterior shots were filmed using a real house in Los Angeles. The home is at 245 N. Saltair Avenue, Brentwood and appeared in the series’ first season. Fortunately for the show’s fans, the house still stands to this day. With an estimated value of $3.5 million, the 2,901 square feet abode has four bedrooms and four bathrooms. Outside, the one-story house is surrounded by greenery.

For the following seasons, a replica of the Brentwood house was made at the Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios in Florida. It used to be part of the Studio Backlot Tour but was eventually demolished in 2003 to make space for new projects.

Important Part

‘The Golden Girls’ during one of their kitchen table meetings

Fans of the show know just how integral the girls’ house is to the series. In the beginning, the home belonged to the character Blanche Devereaux, a Southern Belle who moved with her husband to Miami. Upon the death of her spouse, the widow began looking for roommates. This is the catalyst that led her to meet Dorothy and Rose, and eventually, also Dorothy’s 80-year-old mother Sophia.

Living under the same roof, viewers were entertained for seven seasons worth of feel-good banter care of the sometimes clashing but loveable personalities of the four women. It ran from 1985 until 1992 ending with a total of 180 episodes. It even won an Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series during its first year on air. The show’s success also brought the main actresses Emmy Awards during their tenure.

Visiting the House

A fan having her photo taken in front of Brentwood house

Since the Disney replica of ‘The Golden Girls’ house has been taken down, fans only have the Brentwood house to visit should they decide to reminisce about the famous 80s show. Unfortunately, people aren’t allowed to step on the property as it is privately owned.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t get a glimpse of it though. Fans can always re-watch the show on cable or through online streaming services. Modsy, a new interior design service has also recreated the famed kitchen where the four girls used to convene in and gave it a 2018 update.

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