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Refinancing Mortgage Application Continue To Go Downhill With Rates Going Up

When it comes to mortgages, loans, refinancing, and almost anyone topic that would revolve around money, it could definitely be such a sensitive subject for some people, especially if they are struggling. The past few weeks, the mortgage applications when it comes to refinancing have been all over the place. It would seem that with the holiday season coming up, it may be having an impact on the recent rise and fall rates of the interests on mortgage application.

Most people think mortgage financing and second mortgage since this is adding to the first mortgage but does not really replace it

Rebounds On Refinance Application

Last weekend, the mortgage application numbers rose, which is considered to be a rebound from the previous week’s downfall during the Columbus Day Holiday. This is all according to the MBA or the Mortgage Bankers Association. In order to measure the application volume, their Market Composite Index revealed that there was a 4.9 percent increase based on the adjustment from the annual basis, then again if it has been unadjusted it would’ve moved to 5 percent.

The holidays prior to this week’s results definitely messed up with the massive drop since mortgage numbers were unadjusted during the Columbus Day. However, this week showed how the mortgage numbers are actually way lower compared to the statistics from two weeks before. On the mortgage application to refinance on the other hand, a massive 10 percent jump was seen. However, compared to this time of the year last years it was revealed to be 32 percent lower.

One of the said reasons would be because of the number of borrowers who benefited from the refinance decreased, since a most of them have actually locked in their mortgages a few years back. Locking mortgages is something a borrower could do and it serves as a paid agreement between them and their lenders, that basically allows the borrowers to lock the interests rate for a certain amount of time such as 30-60 days. Of course, the longer the time of locked interest, the more expensive it would be.

The highest refinance was at the average contract interest rate for a 30-year mortgage where it increased from 4.65 to 4.69 earlier this year

Then again, those who actually want to take cash out of their homes, may rather choose to do a second home equity loan, rather than to do a refinance on their current mortgage.
The mortgage applications continue to rise and so far it increased for about 2 percent despite how big the difference it compared to last year The problem is said to be despite the demand being strong, it is the affordability that may be the one to blame.

Home sales from the last couple of months weren’t exactly that impressive. People might find it tough to have a home that has an average monthly payment that was 15 percent more expensive than last year. Zillow, one of the most popular and one of the biggest real estate websites in the world, said that this is all because of the rising prices and rates of properties

Understanding Refinancing Mortgage

Mortgage refinancing has its own advantages and disadvantages, it would sometimes depend on the economy as well as the rates. Refinance mortgage is basically when a borrower basically exchanges an old an existing loan for an ideally a better one, this then leads to the new loan being the one would pay for the old one and you would begin paying for the new one.

Experts believe that it is very important for a person to know when to and when not to refinance their mortgage

For some this could be such a great way for them to be in a better financial situation especially if they are having a hard time with the current loan that they have. It’s advantages could lead to them having a lower monthly payment as well as reducing the risk of being affected with the adjustment of rate mortgage.

However, it is not guaranteed that it is always the best option for borrowers. That is because refinancing is technically not free, it could be pricey because you might need to pay for the legal documents as well as pay some compensation for the new lender’s offer for a new loan.

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