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Tony Hale’s Los Angeles Home Is A Paradise With A Blend Of Traditional, Modern and Southern Feel

Soon the pandemic will be contained, and everybody can finally stop practicing social distancing. Once the world gets its charm back, maybe Tony and Martel Hale will then ask you to visit them, showing you every corner of their new home.

Both the Emmy Award-winning celebrities (Martel for makeup, and Tony for Veep) designed the home in Los Angeles, where they are residing together with their daughter named Loy. Their house contains a famous Murphy bed for their friends who want to spend the night over. But with the pandemic still around, let’s try to explore the dwelling on our own for now.

An interior designer’s magic

Martel shared her feelings about the house and said that the couple invited their lifelong friend and interior designer Jason Martin of Martin & Brockett to work with them. He was also the one who designed their very first home in Griffith Park. Martin was given the task of designing the house with a Southern, modern, and traditional feel, as Martel requested herself. He was also specifically told not to sacrifice comfort over aesthetics.

In the end, he packed the space with monochromatic modern furniture and installed showers that any person could spend bathing all day. As for the master bedroom, one could easily roll from the bed onto the comfy sofa then straight onto snug overstuffed ottomans—without ever landing on a hard surface.

The personal touches

The homey ambiance of the couple’s dwelling is thanks to the abundance of personal touches. One of them is the Saturday Night Live (SNL) costume sketches placed on a kitchen wall, which Martel rescued from the trash while she was part of the show’s late ’90s to early ’00s makeup team. As for their kitchen table, it’s a wedding gift from Martel’s mom.

By heading over to the living room, you’ll see all the photographs taken by an Arrested Development production coordinator. The artist, with the work of art now displayed in the couple’s powder room, was introduced to them by Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Tony’s Veep co-star. The incredible thing is that the family makes sure to utilize every room in their house.

They love being the hosts

Martin can vouch for the Hale’s love for home and hosting since, for the past 16 years, he and his husband have been spending time with them on a nearly weekly basis. As per Tony, he believes that having a house with a design character to it is a true gift to anyone who enters their home. All he wants is for each one of their visitors to have a genuinely relaxing time at their paradise of a home.

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