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Felicity Huffman and Her Husband’s Real Estate Worth Has Been Finally Made Public!

Felicity Huffman’s name was recently released amongst those involved in a college cheating scandal after it was revealed that she bribed college officials with $15, 000 in the guise of a donation to get her daughter enrolled into college.

The Accusation and Court Case

The famous actress has been charged with fraud and currently speaking, she is at the risk of being jailed for a period of 5 years, although right now she is free after a bail of $1 million levied on her was paid.

The total worth of the real estate portfolio was made known during the ongoing case

A lot of secrets were unraveled during the court case, including one that explained how Huffman and her husband, William Macy, own a real estate portfolio that is worth a whopping sum of $20 million, with properties in Vermont, Colorado, and Los Angeles (with 2 mansions).

The Cabin in Vermont

The smallest of property in their portfolio is a cabin very close to her husband’s college in Vermont. William Macy was said to have purchased the cabin as far back as the 1980s before he even met the actress.

He once described his earlier days in the cabin, explaining how he did not have electricity and had to open the doors and windows for ventilation. According to him, living in a cabin in those years was tough.

It was also revealed that the movie Magnolia was written when Paul Thomas, who is the movie director, was staying in the Vermont cabin with William Macy. He was said to have drawn inspiration from the story of William’s tough life in the cabin, and the Magnolia’s script was strictly based on experience.

Williams Macy’s little cabin in Vermont was the inspiration behind the movie Magnolia

Among the couple’s properties is a 27 acre landed home in Colorado, same place Huffman lived with her family throughout her childhood years. The property was also the site for their wedding ceremony.

The home was demolished since it was not of standard, and the couple built a modern home on the same land. The new building was said to be structured just like the demolished one, but with more rooms, and each of the 5 bedrooms having its own restroom. While Huffman was young, she said that she and her six other siblings had to share one bedroom.

The new building is worth half of their real estate collection, as it is estimated to cost no less than $10 million in today’s market.

The Mansion in LA

After the conclusion of the Desperate Housewives series, it was reported that the couple bought a mansion of 5 bedrooms and 3 restrooms in Los Angeles. The mansion was once a home to Marilyn and Gore who were the couple’s next door neighbor.

The couple’s mansion in LA is a 3 acres landed property with 2 mansions next to each other

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