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Tax Breaks Often Overlooked By People When Filing Tax Returns

Filing a tax return is not a job that everyone likes. The IRS wants to ensure you pay your taxes but on the other hand, you would want to keep your money in your possession. If you are really interested in getting the maximum deductions you must ensure you understand the kind of tax breaks available to you and try to take full advantage of the benefits offered.

People who are filing tax returns by themselves and without the help of a tax relief attorney have the knowledge to complete and file their returns but in many cases, they are not aware of the tax breaks which are available to them and often overlook this aspect without realizing they are losing money when filing income tax returns.

In this article, we are looking at the kind of tax breaks which are often overlooked by people who should rather be trying to take advantage of them. What are the kinds of tax breaks overlooked by people?

Charitable Donations

Not many people forget to deduct any charitable donations they make in cash from their tax returns. However, they often overlook any expenses they incur when they are involved in charitable work. The IRS does not allow people to deduct any value for time people may have spent in these activities but any costs incurred for the purchase of material can be deducted as a tax break. This includes the costs of cleaning any uniforms which are worn or the use of a vehicle for charitable purposes. Tax breaks of up to $.14 per mile are available for people who are using their vehicles if they are used for charitable purposes.

Job-Hunting Costs

Freshers just out of college will not be eligible for these tax breaks but people who are employed and looking for a change in career from their present occupation are eligible for tax breaks. They can deduct the fees for preparing their resume and even the costs of placement agencies. The only downside which people need to remember is that the expenses must exceed 2% of their adjusted gross income but this should not be a hindrance in making the claim.

Moving Expenses

Locating to another place in search of a job involves moving expenses and these are deductible even for people fresh out of college. College graduates who move a distance away from their home will be eligible to receive these tax breaks as well as the people who are already employed.

Child Care Credit

Parents of young children are usually claiming the child and care credit for dependents every year to cover the costs of after school daycare while they are at work. However, many are overlooking the tax breaks they can claim for child care costs during the summer.

These tax breaks also apply to summer day camp costs because the camp is supervising the child while the parents continue with their work. Parents are however not eligible to claim tax breaks if they are leaving their child at an overnight camp.

Dependent care is also eligible for tax breaks especially when the parents have an elderly dependent in the home who needs care when they are working and any expenses incurred for the Care can be claimed as tax breaks.

Educational Expenses

A number of tax saving options are available for individuals from the internal revenue code especially if they are looking to further their education. The tuition and fees paid for the education can help people take tax breaks of up to $4000 from their taxable income.

These are some of the tax breaks which are often overlooked by people simply because they may not be aware of them or are too busy to look at the tax return forms minutely. People who are busy will be better off having their tax returns filed by a tax relief attorney who will have all the knowledge necessary to give them the maximum benefits.

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