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Experts’ Super-tricks to Save Six Times Your Income by 50

By the time you’re 50, you’re likely more financially stable than you were in your youthful years. But at this phase of life, retirement is sure to be one of your primary concerns. 

Retirement might feel intimidating for every working person, regardless of their age. In fact, when it seems far away, it’s even more complicated to save up because of the current priorities. But regardless of how difficult it may get, at least some amount should be put away for your post-50 life because at that time, you’d want to get away from the 9-5 and spend more time with family. 

To ensure you have a comfortable fund cushion to support your retired life, specialists suggest saving 6 times your regular income by your 50th birthday. And the following tips will help you to increase your nest egg as you near your retirement. 


The Motley Fool | To have a comfortable retirement, experts suggest saving 6 times of your current income until the age of 50

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Control what goes out

Financial expert Mr. Diahann Lassus points out that the major concern to be dealt with is the expenses, which are higher than the income. In order to control such expenses and save more, making a budget would be a great start. Maintaining a financial sheet will give you a heads up on where expenses can be cut down. Controlling your expenses and regularly checking card statements will pave an opportunity to control what goes out to save what comes in. 

Track it early 

Be it waking up early for your work or starting early for a long journey; doing things on time always helps cover objectives quickly. Organizing present income for a comfortable future retirement can be very beneficial as you near your 60’s. Experts agree that initiating an early saving plan even with a little amount of money will double the chances of achieving your goals by the time you reach retirement age. The effect of early savings will show their impact especially during times of unexpected emergencies. 


Vox | Starting early ensure you have plenty of time to meet your saving goals

Choose a retirement plan

The primary strategy to save 6 times your income is by being your own payee. To make sure your savings account grows as time moves, investing in a good plan with proper counsel is suggested. A person enrolling in retirement plans with 15% or 20% investment from their income will automatically save extra money. Contributing regularly from an early age will ensure good money in the bank by age 50, as per experts.

Due to immediate needs like electricity bills, rent and day-to-day expenditures, a regular salary might not be enough to both pay and save. Additional money through plans will evade your future pressures and increase your long-term savings. It is all for your money, by your money and through your money. 

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Medium | Meticulous planning is the key to a tension-free retirement

Final Thoughts

It’s never too late to think about future plans. Lassus says that the ability to recognize the right time to start your savings will keep your future endeavors under your thumb. Starting your saving plans early will loosen pressures and meet your future needs by the age of 50. 

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