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5 Of The Best Waterfront Homes in The World for Sale

Whether it’s living by the Seine River, a Venetian canal, or the Caribbean sea, the awesomeness of having a prime waterside property remains unbeatable. What wouldn’t you give to wake up to the salty and wholesome smell of the water, or the gentle sounds of it hitting the shore?

If you’re looking for the perfect getaway home, you better not turn a blind eye to these amazing properties.

For an Access to the Canal

This is an apartment of 3 bedrooms that has just recently been renovated. It is located in one of the most favored areas of Venice and falls within the Dorsoduro district. The apartment is on the highest levels of a historic palazzo. After coming back home through the gondola, the new owners of the property can enjoy their evening tea up on the balcony that gives a beautiful view of the city and the Grand Canal over the rooftops.

This penthouse is currently on the market with a price tag of $4.5 million.

Financial Times | The canal view property

For a Direct Passage to the Lake

This 5 bedroom house, located by the shores of Rotorua lake in New Zealand, is great for people who like fishing, kayaking, and boating as all these fun activities happen to be on the doorstep of this home! The property comes with a private jetty along with riparian rights. Most areas of the house, which include bedrooms, dining area, kitchen, and deck have partial, as well as expansive views of the mesmerizing water.

This house has been listed for $2.1 million.

Financial Times | The lake view property

For a Strait View

There is a 5 bedroom chateau in Tangiers, Morocco that holds contemporarily charming architecture. The rooftop terrace gives amazing views of the fishing port nearby. Other than the magnificent views, the house features a swimming pool, a lavish landscaped garden, and a Hamman.

The price of this dwelling is $4.5 million.

Financial Times | The strait view property

For an Estate by the River

The highly desired 16th district in Paris features an apartment on its 4th level that overlooks the beautiful River Seine from its reception room. The home is very spacious and boasts floor-to-ceiling windows that are wide and adjoin the balcony. The lush apartment also features Versailles-style parquet flooring, 18th-century wood paneling and stained glass, and ceilings that go as high as 3.6 meters.

The accommodation is on the market for $9.9 million.

Financial Times | The river view property

For a Retreat by the Coast

A 10 bedroom villa that is located in Barbados is ideal for lying on the beach and hearing the sound of waves and just overall having a relaxing time at the beach. In its entirety, it covers 1.3 acres of land, and comprises about 20,000-square-foot of space to live.

This property is priced for $40 million

Financial Times | The coastal view property

Especially in such troubled times, heading off to an ideal location, to calm the soul sounds like every person’s dream. If you have the finances to invest in any of these properties, we urge you to go for it as chances like this don’t come by easily.

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