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Basketball Sensation Dwight Howard Lists His D.C House on the Market

One of the most glamorous sports of all time is basketball. The sheer number of NBA fans across the world is an indication of the reach and hold the game has over people’s imaginations. But there’s much more to NBA than just the thrill of the sport.

It’s common knowledge that the NBA is a treasure-magnet, a game that is continually flooded with money. The amount of wealth that’s concentrated in the NBA is evident from the kind of lifestyle the players of this sport have. In fact, star basketball players keep flipping luxurious houses like old furniture!

Don’t believe us? Why don’t you join us as we unveil exciting details about Dwight Howard’s super deluxe house sale!

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essentiallysports | NBA player Dwight Howard has recently sold his Washington D.C penthouse

Dwight Howard’s D.C House Sale – The Scoop

According to recent reports, Los Angeles center player Dwight Howard sold his home in Washington, D.C., a few days ago. The house was previously used as a school, but it underwent quite a few changes to become a high-end residential area. Dwight sold the house for $2 million, accepting a slight loss of $300,000 (he’d bought it in 2018 for $2.3 million).

The sale was a bit surprising to the player’s fans, especially since it came before the start of the new “restricted” season of NBA. Perhaps the countless hours that Howard spent inside this house during the quarantine bored him out and pushed him to change his surroundings in any way he could even if it meant selling this home and buying another one!


NBCSports | The house was previously a school but underwent quite a few changes to become a high-end residential area

A sneak peek into the property

The house extends over an area of ​​10,134 square feet, and its design is somewhat strange. It occupies the two upper floors of a historical schoolhouse building that was built in 1893 and held for more than a century until it was finally renewed in 2012 into a residential building having nine luxury floors. A dream for every real estate lover!

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The house contains five bedrooms and four-and-a-half bathrooms. Not just this house, but all buildings in the area still retain the “schoolish” look they originally had. The touch is evident from the entrance to the different floors, the distinctive sidewalks, the bathroom design, and even the lockers. As strange as it may be, it is inspiring and genuinely charming.

As any other buyer of fancy real estate would, Howard added several modifications to the place in hopes of making it a more comfortable living space. He created several new facilities, including the addition of an aquarium to the master bathroom and a massage room. The house also has a show screening room with relaxing viewing seats to give you the feel of being in a stadium.


KTLA | Howard owns several other properties in addition to this one. His Atlanta mansion was also sold this year

Dwight owns few more houses in Los Angeles and Florida, as well as a huge mansion in Atlanta that spans a massive 35,000 square feet. But the Atlanta mansion too has been put up for sale this year. Don’t know what the NBA star has in mind with all the property shedding!

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