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We Bet You Can Never Guess Who Bought Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi’s Montecito Mansion for $6.75 Million

For as long as Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi have been in the real estate business, we’ve never seen them holding on to multi-million dollar properties for more than a hot minute. The couple is known to be Hollywood’s most productive and successful flippers of artistically and architecturally inclined homes.

On their latest listing, they have hung a $6.9 million sticker price, which is an eccentric, postcard-ideal English Tudor home in the oceanside community of Montecito, California, only east of Santa Barbara and, at best, about 90 minutes drive out of downtown Beverly Hills.

US Magazine | Portia and Ellen are two of the most prolific flippers in Hollywood

Not including renovation costs, property costs, and carrying costs- which are all extensive by any record- the couple, who also own other significantly costly property somewhere else in Montecito, would like to pretty much double the cost of this quirky property they obtained around four months back for about $3.6 million.

The property was originally constructed as two barns in England, dating back to the 1700s. The antique structures were carefully preserved and transported to California, where they were reliably reassembled and connected together by an Orangerie- a glassed-in solarium customarily used to store delicate plants and citrus trees throughout the winter.

As per postings by Robert Riskin of Riskin Partner Group, the alluring and remarkable property is totally covered in the midst of thick woods, with only two rooms, two full and two half washrooms in approximately 5,500-square feet.

Architectural Digest | The antique structure of the home dates back to the 1700s

While ensuring that the structure remains as close to the original one as possible, the duo, along with their real estate team, went in and lickety-split tidied everything up, introduced an awesome new kitchen, included a smooth new pantry, installed cutting-edge equipment in the restrooms, and filled the entire house with an eye-catching array of furniture. There are about five fireplaces throughout the property, signifying an “old world meets modern home” theme.

As is customary to modern homes now, the kitchen and snack bar open to a formal dining area. The luxurious property also boasts an octagonal study, a small lounge with a lofted den, and an entire terrace that overlooks the living area. Another wing of the home features a lofted bedroom that overlooks another living room. Last month, Ariana Grande reportedly stole this property off the market for the crazy amount of $6.75 million.

Architectural Digest | The team managed to pull off the perfect combination of modern and old age

DeGeneres and de Rossi’s other property in Montecito is a Balinese-inspired compound they got in mid-2019 for $27 million — later in the year, they dropped another $1.9 million for the one-section of land fixer-upper nearby. In Los Angeles, the property they currently reside in is a baronial, 1930s English Tudor villa they snatched real quick from the market for a staggering $42.5 million, from Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo.

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