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Beyonce and Jay Z’s Uber Luxurious Bel Air Mansion You NEED to See

Have you ever wondered what type of house Beyonce and Jay Z live in?  The power couple has a $500 million property in Los Angeles that could make anyone envious. The mansion comes with a casino, a jellyfish lounge, beauty salon, nightclub, and seven pools – because one is never enough.

The amenities in the 100,000-square-foot mansion are more like staying in a hotel than a home.

The Bel Air property was the designed work of Paul McClean. McClean is the architect who created the estate the couple bought in 2017.  The house has been labeled the most expensive home in America. There is no doubt that the amenities serve the couple well.  The floor-to ceiling wall is made of glass to give those inside a clear view.

When you are super wealthy like Bey and Jay, you can create any home you want to live as a paradise.  They have made their imprint on the house and there is so much for guests to feed their eyes on when they are invited for an event.  Only a few homes come with such amenities in the United States of America.

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