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Blac Chyna Celebrates Her Acceptance Into Harvard’s Online Business School, But There’s a Twist to the Story

Blac Chyna has decided to enroll for a degree at Harvard Business School. According to a media outlet, her application for the course recently got a formal approval.

Chyna, Rob Kardashian’s ex, said she’s currently at a stage of growth and realization. The 30-year-old said it’s her intention to be great for herself as well as her kids and she considers going to school as a way to achieve that.

She admitted that people always have one thing or the other to say about her and this new chapter might help them change their opinion about her. Chyna has a 6-year-old son with her ex, Tyga, and she shares 2-year-old Dream with Rob Kardashian.

Business Analytics

The Business Analytics course will span over the course of 8 weeks and a cumulative of 40 hours. The course has the primary aim of helping students develop a mindset that is well inclined towards data as well as develop analytical skills that would help in interpreting and communicating them. The course costs $1,500 and essentially has no admission requirements. All you have to do to enroll is fill in your educational history together with your current job status.

She is enrolled for a business analytics course aimed at developing analytical skills

The admissions letter indicated that she will be starting her course later this month.

However, Harvard later made a clarification in a statement highlighting that Chyna isn’t enrolled in its online business school. According to the university, the online business school hasn’t admitted her, neither has it given an acceptance letter to Angela White, which happens to be Blac Chyna’s name.

Chyna’s New Beginnings

Chyna took to her Instagram page recently to allude to new beginnings in an open letter. She noted that while growth comes with its own pains, she was ready to work on becoming her own best version.

Her enrollment to Harvard Business School is coming a short while after news broke that Kim Kardashian is studying with the aim of becoming a lawyer. Kim Kardashian West is currently an apprentice at a San Francisco-based law firm as the first step in training to become a lawyer.

She recently made the announcement that she came to this decision last summer. She has now started an apprenticeship with a San Francisco-based law firm which will last four years. The main goal is to take the bar by 2022.

Kim Kardashian is currently an apprentice at a law firm as part of her plans to become a lawyer

Although 38-year-old Kardashian West actually attended Pierce College located in Los Angeles, she didn’t graduate.

California, plus three other states in the US allow people to take a different path to the bar by opting to read the law or undergoing an apprenticeship with a practicing judge or lawyer. If she succeeds in passing what’s referred to as the “baby bar”, then she would be allowed to go on with the additional three years of study.

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