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A Look Inside Tom Cruise’s Secret Scientology Home that Cost Millions

If there is one thing that makes Tom Cruise happy, it is entertaining his audience with thrilling stunts in his blockbuster movies. Just like his super-popular character, Ethan Hunt, Cruise hasn’t had much luck in love after his three divorces. The actor decided to remain single for a long time after separating from Katie Holmes. We’ve heard rumors about Nazanin Boniadin and other girlfriends, but his love life is mostly a question mark because the actor leads a very private life.

But these days, Cruise is busy performing stunts in his movies and being a devoted member of the Church of Scientology. He is a private person whose lifestyle revolves around his religious belief.

Cruise is one of the few actors who will not bring you into his personal life including where he lives. We have seen the new multi-million dollar penthouse that Cruise recently bought in Florida, which is just across the church’s headquarters. The house boasts around-the-clock security and a nine-car garage, among other impressive amenities. The actor wants privacy and this house gives him just that. The property even has a secret entry route to keep the paparazzi away.

The actor doesn’t care what people say about him. He is a mysterious man who lives his life the way he chooses. When people talk about him, they end up deciding what they want to believe. Cruise watches the world from afar and spends most of his time living in hotel rooms and on movie sets.

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