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The Cost It Takes George Lucas To Safeguard His $100million Mansion

The Skywalker Ranch is a famous property-Thanks to George Lucas who spent $100 million to make it an expensive property.

Lucas was the inspiration behind  “Star Wars” success. He brought the ranch in 1978 and created a paradise for filmmaking that is far from Hollywood.  The 1,900 hectares doesn’t welcome visitors often even though it is close to San Francisco and weave around pastures, orchards and hills. There are deer and cows that live around the property.

The property boasts of vineyards, several rooms for screenings, an inn for friends and clients, and an underground pool.  The ranch police is not flexible when it comes to security.  Security is tight and intruders are warned sternly to stay away from this mansion.

The Lake Ewok which is an artificial pond is close to the building where the Studios of Sound is found. Think of the fantasy and science fiction movies and remember this studio is found.   There is a research library that houses over 21,000 volumes Even though Lucas is retired, his force is strongly felt around the ranch.

The building is beautifully decorated with mementos of famous movies costumes and an art collection

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