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Former Reebok CEO Paul Fireman Slashed the Price of His Dream House By More Than Half, Here’s How Much It Would Set You Back

If your house has been up for sale for three years, what would you do? Well, let’s say your property has ranked in Zillow as the most expensive listing in the state, then maybe you need to think about your asking price.

That’s why Reebok founder Paul Fisherman decreased it by 58 percent. You might think that is such a big cut but originally, the house was up for grabs for $90 million. Now, the Massachusetts mansion is still on the market for just $38 million.

Woodland Manor

Because it has been for sale since 2016, the cost was first reduced to $69 million for the 14-acre land, the original lot size. Now, for the steep price tag, you’ll get 7.32 acres with a palatial chateau that spans to more than 26,000 feet.

Yet, with its current worth and the drastic decrease the owner made to its value, it is still the second most expensive house in several websites next to the grand penthouse of the luxurious Millennium Tower that could be yours for a whopping $45 million.

The property was originally priced at $90 million

Woodland Manor, as Paul would call the place, is his dream house – well, for its grandeur, everyone might as well refer to it the same way. Celebrity couple Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen are lives nearby. In fact, the Patriots quarterback and his supermodel wife are also selling their 5.5-acre property with a 10,000-foot mansion and a guesthouse that is roughly 2,400 feet for $34 million.

Billionaire’s Proud Home

Built in 1999, the opulent manor was designed by renowned firm Shope Reno Wharton. Since it is Paul and his wife Phyllis’ dream home, it was meticulously designed using the best engineering techniques. With its traditional architecture paired with manicured lawns and landscape, Woodland Manor became the billionaire’s proud abode in Brookline.

Paul calls Woodland Manor his and his wife’s dream house

The eight-bedroom house was built accurately using the best foundations – its exterior is made from immaculately placed Indiana limestone. Outside the symmetrical home, loggias are present on both sides with the patio adjacent to one.

The frontage is also adorned with angular windows and French doors with steel balustrades for balconies on the second floor and fanned French doors and windows on the bottom.

Clean and Crisp Interior

The interior of the house is as crisp and clean as its façade. Upon entering you will be greeted by an elliptical staircase on the grand foyer that would direct you to the paneled walls and the plaster dome. Although according to Realtor the house is Colonial in style, it borrowed many neoclassical aesthetics, like the use of square Corinthian columns, fans over the windows, and French doors.

The interior of the house is as meticulously detailed as the exterior

Other details of the house include coffered ceilings with thick moldings, traditional wall panelings, and the use of wood in the office to contrast the whiteness of the house.

Aside from the usual living room, family room, formal dining room, Woodland Manor also has a library, exercise room, sunroom, a partially finished basement, a wide motor court, and a garage that can hold up to four vehicles, as well as open spaces that can accommodate 20.

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