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Check Out How Dr. Oz And His Wife Lisa Built Their Mansion From Scratch

It’s been 20 years since Dr. Mehmet Oz, along with his wife Lisa, started their hunt for the perfect house where they wanted to raise their growing family. The host of the TV show Dr. Oz shared his views and said that almost every other home they found wasn’t right for them.

Nonetheless, they continued their hunt to find the perfect house for their family. When they finally found it, they made sure it was one that they could keep for a lifetime.

Finding the perfect space

The couple found just the ideal place on the highest part of the Palisades in Cliffside Park, New Jersey. It’s so high that it overlooks the Manhattan skyline! The 56-year-old wife of Dr. Oz said that her husband’s family—living in Istanbul—always liked to watch the Bosporus Sea. So when they made plans to move to the United States, Dr. Mehmet shared his desire to watch the Hudson River.

Mehmet said that in the morning light, it is very calming to watch the river flow. He likes passing over the river early in the morning, whether going on shoots for his show or for treating his patients at the New York Presbyterian-Columbia Medical Center.

Making the final purchase

Mehmet recalled that the only property present at the site was marked as unsafe since one could even walk in it. But when he got the aerial photo of the plot, both he and his wife knew that this was the perfect place that they were looking for, so they purchased the land that day.

Everything—including the design and construction of the six-bedroom, eight-bathroom dwelling with ceilings as high as 12 feet—was done by Lisa. The architectural work done on the house was Mediterranean-inspired.

Serving as a vessel of memories

The dwelling has hosted many birthdays and milestones, and the couple hopes that it will be the venue of such occasions for many more years. Coming June, Mehmet and Lisa will celebrate their 35th wedding anniversary.

Although the house has more than one detail to share, it is quite necessary to mention that Dr. Oz, who has just launched his new system called Whole30 diet, has a separate playroom in the basement. The room is more than a game lover’s dream as it contains a pool, foosball tables, and a half-sized basketball court.

When Mehmet questioned his wife Lisa about her most favorite thing in the house, she didn’t hesitate and said, “You.” Although the estate contains a movie theatre, wine cellar, and a gym, what matters the most are the memories the couple has made in their home.

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