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Here’s How Madonna Rose Through The Ladders of Fame and Stardom

Years Of Little Beginnings

Madonna’s birth name is Madonna Louise Ciccone, and she was born in 1958. In her growing years, she attended Catholic schools in Detroit suburbs.

Madonna launched her music career in the early 1980s primarily as a raw dynamo, but these days one can’t dispute how refined she has become. Madonna can afford the posh lifestyle as she’s worth $800 million. She has made a whole lot of money from her music, tours, clothing and perfume lines. Just Her Rebel Heart Tour brought in a gross sum of $170 million, and that brought her entire career tour all through her lifetime to a total of $1.4 billion.

Madonna currently has a net worth of $800 million

When she was at Rochester Adams High School, she was a straight-A student and a cheerleader. After she graduated, she proceeded to the University of Michigan, but later dropped out in 1978 and relocated to New York City.

Launch Into The Music Industry

She started writing songs and also taking up performance gigs wherever she could. Sometime in 1980, she came in contact with a Sire Records executive who then signed her to a single deal.

Madonna released her first single titled “Everybody” in 1982

Later in 1982, she released her single “Everybody” which went on to become a major hit. Between 1983 and 1985, she released 4 more songs including “Burning Up,” “Borderline,” “Lucky Star” and “Holiday” which all made top 10 singles.

She released Madonna, her debut album in 1983 and it peaked at the right spot on the charts. Madonna didn’t become so popular only because of her music, it was everything about her and that included her dressing, her attitude and, her dance steps. In the 1980s, her style was one of the most popular fashion trends.

She released her second album in November 1984, and it also went on to become a global hit. She also had her performance at the first edition of MTV Video Music Award and appeared on stage right on a huge wedding cake. Over the course of her career, she starred in diverse legendary music videos and also featured in Desperately Seeking Susan. She later got married and subsequently divorced Sean Penn.

Madonna’s Business Ventures

Madonna launched her music scene at the right time, and she had the right look as well as dance moves that helped her dominate MTV.  MTV at the time was a new cable channel for music videos. Not only were her songs catchy, but the videos were also fabulous. She capitalized on that moment and used it to step into stardom.

Madonna has made so much money from her clothing line, shoe line, and her perfume brand

Over the years, Madonna has also become a savvy businesswoman. She realized early enough that music isn’t the only thing that can increase her earnings. In recent times, she has made approximately $10 million for her shoe and clothing line labeled Material Girl. Also in 2012, she launched her Truth or Dare perfume, and that earned her about $60 million.

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