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Infinity Pool, Gym, Cinema and More! Inside Eddie Murphy’s $30M Mansion

Eddie Murphy has a strange love for buying islands that we can’t seem to understand. In 2007, he bought an Island off the Coast of Nassau for $15 million. The comedian also owned another beautiful island called Pearl Island in Bahamas. This makes one wonder where exactly does the rich comedian live now?

With the numerous condos and mansions in different parts of the States, Murphy has a special place for Beverly Hills, California. Since 2005, the comedian has made his home in an expensive community high in the hills.

The comedian’s expansive home has multiple gates and security checkpoints. It was reported that Murphy spent $20 Million to bring the 18,598 square foot mansion to an enviable position in The Hills. The mansion has a 5 star pool, a bowling alley, 10 bedrooms, and 17 bathrooms.

A massive mansion like this was the perfect home for the comedian who has a large family with 10 kids. The comedian bought the place for $10 million before the $20 million overhaul.

In 2017, Murphy’s net worth was estimated at $85 Million. This amount of money could afford any house and car the comedian ever desired. Murphy has been spotted often in his Rolls Royce Drophead Coupe that cost him a whopping $500,000.

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