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The Latest Addition to the Promised Land Estate Is the Greatest Example of How Smart Oprah Can Be in Acquiring Properties

Long before the arrival of social media stars, influencers, and internet celebrities, media’s one true queen is Oprah. From a simple little girl born to a single mother, she became one of this generation’s most influential people as well as the most powerful woman in the world.

Aside from buying trips for friends and investing in health-based companies, the self-made billionaire also makes sure to always give back to those in need.

The Promised Land

The Color Purple actress splurges on real estate as she is known for having many properties across the country. The Emmy-winning talk show host has acquired some in New Jersey, Florida, Chicago, Colorado, Hawaii, and Washington State. However, arguably the most famous in her portfolio might be The Promised Land in Montecito, California.

Oprah bought her luxurious Promised Land for more than $50 million from an aeronautics enterprise tycoon

She bought the place in 2001 from Robert Veloz, owner of an aeronautical equipment manufacturing company, for more than $50 million. From there, Oprah began adding her personal touch to the originally 42.5-acre place that includes a 23,000-sq-ft neo-Georgian mansion that was built in the 1900s. Apart from the remarkable sight, the estate also boasts a magnificent view of the Pacific Ocean and the mountains of Santa Ynez.

Seamair Farm’s Neighbor

The media maven expanded her palatial real estate in 2016 by buying the next-door horse ranch called Seamair Farm for $28.85 million, adding 23.26 acres to her already colossal property. But it seems that Oprah still wants to further extend her Promised Land as she buys Jeff Bridges’ land that is just beside her equestrian ranch.

Oprah acquired the Seamair Farm next door, further extending the number of properties she owns

Although the Peabody awardee didn’t shell as much as before, she waited six months until the offer dropped. The four-acre land was originally put on sale in April for $8 million, but it seems that the Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient knows how to play Monopoly as she acquired the place for only $6.85 million, the same price that The Last Picture Show actor paid when he first acquired the place.

Spanish Revival Home

Oprah’s recent property purchase is a far cry from the castle-like manse that she originally purchased, nonetheless, it is as impressive. The estate composes of five structures:  the main house, a remise, a pool house, horse tack-and-feed stables, and a house for guests.

The main house was built in 1919 and designed by James Osborne Craig, who is famous for his Spanish Colonial structures and is one of the prominent architects of the movement.

With Oprah’s purchase of Jeff Bridges’ property, her Montecito land is now at 70 acres

With the Spanish Revival house being one of the victims of a landslide in 2017, its accents and designs became a mix of the original concept with modern touches. Having an open layout, leaded windows, which dated from the original construction of the house, and picture windows around the house gave it a bright and spacious atmosphere.

Ample lighting enhances the interior — the kitchen even has a skylight, making it shine exceptionally in the house. Kitchen cupboards and cabinets are also in wood while all the countertops are white marble.

The master bedroom has sea views, ideal for drinking coffee and reading. The en suite is newly-renovated and even has a clawfoot bathtub, a separate shower room, and a spacious walk-in closet. Covering the rest of the four acres of land are greeneries and oak trees, a swimming pool with brick terrace for the spa, and stables for the horses.

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