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Leonardo Da Vinci: The Evolution of a Great Artist

Till date, most of the work the legendary Leonardo da Vinci did is still a mystery to the world. People wonder how just one person was able to have significant impacts on many areas and disciplines of life varying from painting to architecture, and sciences.

Leonardo da Vinci is unarguably the greatest artist of all time

Even till date, a lot of people are still left curious about what could have been his driving force to achieve all that he did. His works are evident in most popular European countries in the world; from Italy to France and beyond.

Yet Leonardo da Vinci himself was said to be unsatisfied with all of these accomplishments. He made this known on his hospital bed when he lamented that he just might have offended the universe and God because his works were not of the required quality.

A lot of people believe that Leonardo da Vinci is the benchmark for artistry, with a lot of evidence to back this up. We are going to enlist some of his notable works that prove his legendary status even after centuries of his death.

Where it all Started

Leonardo da Vinci was born in the rural area of Tuscany. His adventurous nature made him wander about the river banks. In the region he lived, there was always a scheduled celebration every year, and that was where he began to showcase his artistry skills, one of which was a landscape drawing of the Santa Maria Della Neve he made public in 1473.

Da Vinci’s exploits began with the drawing of the Santa Maria Della Neve

The drawing was well detailed to capture the nearby mountains and river valleys. A lot of people were bewildered with such a piece of artwork and how real the movement of water was dissipated in the drawing. That was the first time Leonardo da Vinci proved his talent to the world.

14 Years Old Leonardo Da Vinci

When Leonardo was only 14 years old, he made his mark on the innovative world scene with a creative nexus in Florence. He was still inexperienced and he needed a lot of support from painters, sculptors, and engineers. He also took the opportunity to learn from them. Those years for him were majorly focused on working with other artists in order to develop his skills.

Da Vinci in Milan

Around 1482, Leonardo da Vinci moved to Milan precisely, to work for the Duke of Milan. At this time, he already had all he needed to conquer the world with a well-equipped studio of his own, apprentices to work for him and enough financial support from the Duke.

Da Vinci was made adviser to the Duke of Milan

Milan proved to be a stepping stone for him, and he was able to complete a lot of projects like paintings, buildings, and innovations. At the same time, he worked as a special advisor to the Duke of Milan.

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