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Matthew McConaughey’s Modest Home is an Airstream Trailer

Long before Matthew McConaughey became a successful actor, he was a single guy who lived in a 2004 Airstream trailer. He was not rich enough to buy the expensive homes around him so he opted for a trailer instead that made moving around and relaxing a lot more fun.

He renovated the trailer and left it along Santa Monica’s coastline when his acting career took off. The small space in the trailer provided the comfort McConaughey desired, and a single man living on his own, that trailer was more than enough for him. The actor lived a simple life before fame found him through a role in John Grisham-based movie A Time to Kill. 

He considered himself religious and spiritual, which is why he never chased after money or material things. The movie launched him to stardom and things changed very quickly in his life. He abandoned the simple lifestyle and became a Hollywood heartthrob. He starred in movies such as How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, U-571, Amistad, The Lincoln Lawyer, and many others.

McConaughey’s life changed when he married supermodel Camila Alves in 2012. The actor no longer lives in a trailer because he can afford a magnificent home in Austin Texas. If you know McConaughey, you would know his lavish home is renovated to fit his personality.

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