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How Old Hollywood Celebrities Used to Relax At Home

There was an era we saw many of these Hollywood actors command actions, suspense, fear, interest and admiration in the screen. These days, they are retired and relaxing at their different homes.

We have found out how many of these old celebrities are living their lives at home. Some of these homes are iconic and luxuries while some are simple and just simple.  For some of us who know about their TV shows and movies, these are some of the places they live.

Look at Jimmy Stewart’s home since he retired. The award-winning superstar is seen relaxing in his bed with a newspaper after coming back home from the Second World War fought in 1945.

Many of us who know about Clark Gable, would want to know what he did at home when he was relaxing. This photo form 1948 shows that the backyard pool at his home was used for relaxing.

This lovely photo of Marilyn Monroe from 1953 shows the blue-eyed beauty reading a book from the comfort of her couch.

For Ingrid Bergman, relaxing at her home in Naples, Italy meant spending time with her then 11-month-old twins, Isabella and Ingrid. These were how some of these old celebrities used to relax at home.

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