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Gigi Hadid’s Father Files for Bankruptcy After Receiving a Shocking Verdict Over Illegal Bel-Air Mansion

They’re the talk of the town, usually strutting their stuff in catwalks and appearing as faces of luxury brands – they are Victoria’s Secret models Gigi and Bella Hadid.

Their brother, Anwar, has been making headlines, too, for dating New Rules singer Dua Lipa. The matriarch of the family, Yolanda, is a celebrity and a cast of the reality show The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The patriarch, Mohamed, is a well-known developer who is now in hot waters for his massive mansion in Bel-Air, home to many big stars.

Mohamed Hadid is the father of model sisters Bella and Gigi


The detailed enumeration is just to show how the entire Hadid family is living way better than the average family. However, Mohamed recently claimed that he is broke, which is eyebrow-raising considering the many real estate properties he had developed and basically the line of work of his loved ones. He made the unbelievable revelations after he was asked to demolish what has been made of his massive house.

This stems from the order of the officials for the developer to destroy what had already been constructed of the planned mansion. Specifically, people who were mad about the construction asked that someone take over the demolition of the building, which would cost Mohamed $500,000 just for an upfront payment.

Attorney’s Claims

Mohamed’s attorney, Bruce Rudman, revealed that his client, to put it bluntly, is too broke to order the demolition. Now does this not make you question the truthfulness of the statement? After all, he has been seen riding in town in his posh Rolls Royce.

The neighbors laughed, as what you must probably be doing now, at this claim – one factor is that he just purchased a Bel-Air property worth millions.

City officials wanted the owner to demolish the unfinished structure

The attorney said his client could take out a bank loan so that he will have funds to have the partially built structure demolished and build a new one but that won’t happen since the city officials prohibited the Building and Safety Department to release permits.

The lawyer also explained that Mohamed could borrow money to retrofit the piles that support the structure, which was said to be unsafe, but again, it wasn’t permitted because officials wanted to have the entire manse tore down.

Meanwhile, Mohamed has filed for bankruptcy, a nod to his attorney’s claims.


The 71-year-old has long been ignoring his neighbors and city officials’ request regarding the huge construction at the property, which he bought in 2011. At the time, Mohamed wanted to build a modern house that spans 14,000 sq ft, but somehow the size more than doubled to 30,000 sq ft of a six-level building that’s 70 feet.

The expansion happened without permits and with disregard to the complaints of the neighbors, who said that the mega-property in a steep hill is dangerous to their properties. The judge, who initially asked Mohamed to slash the third floor of the house, went to the spot to check the progress made on his orders and to check the magnitude of the basis of the complaints.

The judge was surprised by what he saw

Lo and behold, the judge was taken aback by what he saw – the support pile that was supposed to be straight was tilted.

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