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Penny Marshall’s NYC Penthouse Hits the Market Once More!

If you’re a sucker for classical cinema, you’d know all about the late American actress, producer, and director.

Penny Marshall’s very first appearance on TV goes way back to the 1960s when she was seen on the Head & Shoulders shampoo commercial. Her big break, however, didn’t come until 1976, when she landed the lead role in the sitcom Laverne & Shirley!

ABC | Penny Marshall and Cindy Williams in Laverne & Shirley

From that point onwards, there was no stopping her. She gained widespread attention after her success as a producer and director with blockbuster films such as A Leader Of Their Own (1992), Riding Cars With Boys (2001), Bewitched (2005), and Cinderella Man (2005). She is renowned for being one of the first women in the industry to achieve consistent success as a director.

Corcoran | The charming building, stands in West End Avenue

A Look Inside the Property!

Penny owned the house for a long period, from the 1980s to just one year before her death. She sold the Westside penthouse back in 2017, only for it to be listed now again with a $3 million price tag.

Even though the residence could use a bit of an upgrade, one cannot deny its historic charm. The apartment consists of a total of two bedrooms and two bathrooms. The living area has beautiful stained glass detail and a classical fireplace, while the kitchen is eat-in, featuring an aesthetically pleasing vintage tin ceiling.

Besides all this, there’s no denying that the most amazing feature of the accommodation is the huge terrace. It wraps all around the west and north sides of the unit and provides a massive space as a private outdoor area by NYC standards.

Corcoran | The terrace gives a beautiful view of the city

The whole 16-story building was designed by Emery Roth and was constructed back in 1928. Along with Marshall’s former apartment, the entire building itself happens to be quite charming. The doors all over the building are made up of vintage bronze, while the lobby is all marble, containing a lot of stained glass detail as well.

Extra Scoop!

A while ago, another one of Penny’s former homes found a new owner. The Laverne & Shirley star had a long-time West Coast home, which was kind of a midcentury-style house, with a well-preserved and unique vibe to it. Sitting in the Hollywood Hills, it has now been sold for a total of $6 million.

While she sought residence in the home, her way of decorating was unique as well, with quirky touches, such as the offbeat watermelon printed linoleum floors in the mint green kitchen, as well as a room that was decorated to the theme of baseball. Although it’s rare for homeowners to enjoy such an eccentric taste, we certainly hope that the new owners haven’t gotten rid of Penny’s interior artistry.

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